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Miles Davis LIVE in Europe 1967: The Bootleg Serie
If you buy music for its "audiophile" quality, you won't like this set. That said, the mono sound is honest, and doesn't interfere with what is one of the most significant musical finds of the last several years. It catches what is arguably the gr... 
for Bill Evans fan
"Portrait In Jazz". The Village Vanguard albums are, of course, landmark recordings, but "Portrait..." catches the Evans/Scott LaFaro/Paul Motian trio at their first full stretch. It has the advantage of freshness and some harder swinging performa... 
Are you recording your vinyl?
I seem to have better luck than Paulfolbrecht and Stanwal with the Masterlink. I record to 24/96 and burn 24/96 discs. Transferred to a DAC delivery system, I've watched a roomful of eyes pop. It is too bad that you can't deliver the files directl... 
It's Sunday afternoon...what wax is on your table?
Mulatu Astatke "Timeless", Todd Rundgren "Runt", Sam Amidon "I See The Sign". 
Duke Ellington question...
Hope this helps: 
My 1st tube amp: transformer buzz audible 15 feet?
Jaybo is correct. 
So what is the best speaker you have ever owned?
My current ProAc Response 2.5 pair. The best thing about them? I forget about them completely while music of all kinds, from the 20's to today, raises goose bumps every day. On a smaller scale, the ProAc Tablette 50 Signatures in my second system ... 
Most soulful female vocalist
Don't know about the "most", but the Afro/Spanish singer Concha Buika deploys a smoky, sandpaper voice suffused with flamenco-like passion. Check out "La Nina De Fuego" and her collaboration with the great Cuban pianist Chucho Valdes "El Ultimo Tr... 
Shostakovich string quartets recommendation
I second the mention of the St. Lawrence recordings. Of the quartets that they have put on disc, they are my favorite versions, seemingly closest to heart of the music. I've seen them perform Shostakovich as well and I would enthusiastically recom... 
What is your favorite guitar solo of all time?
Jim Hall "My Funny Valentine" in dazzling duet with Bill Evans from the album "Undercurrents". 
Which purchase tipped you into nirvana.
Naim Supercap added to Naim Superline/Dynavector XV-1s. 
Quick poll How long have you been in this hobby?
Since 1961. 
Wynton - The Only Person in Jazz Who Matters?
I didn't read the article that way. Like it or not---and I don't much---Marsalis has clout and in the context of a New York-based publication, he's likely to get mention. But I thought that the author definitely alluded to Marsalis's inflexibility... 
Are Promo-DJ Copy stamped vinyl better?
Promos tended to be---but weren't always---early in the run of pressings. So better quality is a possibility. 
Whats the most you paid?
50 bucks for the 45rpm two-LP version of Thelonious Monk's "Brilliant Corners". It's a bit better than the single LP mono copy I bought in the early 60's for $1.99, but not worth the 50.