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Fuzzy white noise sound coming from tweeter?
I apologize that was an accident and I am not sure how to delete the other thread. you should see an on that and it gives you the option to edit or delete.                
Fuzzy white noise sound coming from tweeter?
you had to post this twice ? Fuzzy white noise sound coming from tweeter? | Audiogon Discussion Forum  
top notch 4k projector
every thread you have started on this site has been odd to say the least. 
top notch 4k lsptop
just when your threads couldnt get anymore bizarre. 
mass loading speakers
guess I should have read the manual better as it said it was for the following speakers and the ones I am thinking of getting are not the Sky Tower. Recommended for Arro, Sky Tower, Hawk and Forest i saw the Nobsound that you mentioned and might... 
Bang for the buck vs. “money no object” cable recommendations
the OP  has  been around here for a while and should understand that there will be many options / suggestions when it comes to cables.    no different when looking for a equipment or speakers.....everyone will have their own suggestion.the OP just... 
Bang for the buck vs. “money no object” cable recommendations
what’s wrong with the mogami cables ?you have been on here for a while so you should have a good idea of what cables are good for the money. 
Kef LS50
i saw a pair of Totem monitors and thinking of getting those. 
Raise your acoustic panels or die
guess the OP isnt going to reply ? 
Kef LS50
Why not look for a replacement tweeter, or replace both to keep them matched. and I did think of that....and went to the Dali site to look for a us dealer, but it didnt show one ?    but there is a member / dealer on here   , so might contact h... 
Kef LS50
the sound from the Dali and svs subs actually sounded clearer than the Magnepan 1.7's that I had.      heard a lot more of the music using these monitors.                   The only weakness I can think of is that they require expensive and big a... 
Kef LS50
i dont know how accurate the app is....but that is what it says.     whether one thinks its loud or not is not the issue and I have had the Dali's for a while now and something happened that the tweeter just stopped working.just looking for a repl... 
Kef LS50
i dont listen to loud anymore......according to the app I use, listening is around 90-93 dB.for the tweeter on the Dali, I had the system on the day before and it was fine and wasnt playing it loud at all....and next day , no top end in the speake... 
members and their systems
@Millercarbon    Not that it’s any of your business. Where do you get the time to ask nosy questions? What even makes you feel entitled to ask? Don’t answer. Rather not know. Wouldn’t do any good anyway. WFT......all I did was ask a simple quest... 
Marantz integrated amp question
Crutchfield offers the 60 day money back guarantee, so why not go that route ?regarding the Rogue......have you tried different tubes in it ?So the question is where does the PM 14s1 fit in and I guess the 2nd question is am i going anywhere sound...