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Conrad Johnson Classic Sixty
Aren't most tube amps a little light on the bass? I have never heard one that can go as low as solid state. Is that a fair criticism of CJ gear when most tube amps have same issue? 
Kimber kable 8tc or 12tc warm?
Try oval 9-never found more bass from a cable. With their crystal oval interconnect you cant go wrong. Cardas is warm but smears the images-ditto for Purist. They are slow cables.  
acoustic zen reference or venustas
I agree this is a very subjective question. I have no experience with Acoustic Zen but comparing Purist to Nordost (which is the ultimate in detail and definition) to my ears its no contest. I would take a Purist cable any day over Nordost...if fo... 
Triode TRV-35SE tube integrated amp
I have the KT88 version but I replaced the stock chinese tubes with JJ's and Electro-harmonix tubes-big difference! I liked the TRV-88SER for its bass and punchy sound. Upgrading the tubes makes a world of difference. Solid state amps just wont im... 
Purist Audio Speaker cable question
I just checked their website and proteus is now absent-looks like discontinued. Only fluid cable I see now is Poseidon. For the record I own Venustas praesto revision and I agree it is probably their best value in the entire line. It is a great so... 
Preamp gain ???
what if the gain in the pre-amp section is too high and, as a result, generating excessive hiss or residual noise? I have this problem and even the manufacturer states it is coming from the pre-amp section on my integrated. What else can one do if... 
Jolida components: Seems to be many for sale ?
I know this is off topic a bit but has anyone seen or heard The new Jolida fusion/dac? Its not on their website and Jolida said it is replacing the JD100 cdp. Thanks! 
Best Power Conditioner?
I have a sine sa 6 silver cryo...its not a so called power conditioner, but a high-end power bar. It seems to make a difference. 
Best Power Conditioner?
Thats a good point. I live in Quebec where the Grid and the electricity are quite good. I wonder If I need a conditioner at all! 
Best Power Conditioner?
Has anyone tried the Consonance D-15 linear ultra reference? 
Elac Loudspeakers?
I made some videos of my Elacs with my new YBA amp...here is a youtube link...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMO6qwubRAo 
Whatever happened to YBA?
Epiqview Inc. is now the distributor in North America. I just purchased the new YBA a100 heritage integrated and its great! 
Odyssey Cyclops vs. the Exposure Integrated Amps
I have an exposure 2010s cdp and its great. I assume their amps are just as good. However, I did just purchase a YBA a100 from their new Heritage line. Its fantastic. It drives my Elac floor standers effortlessly. They can be a fussy speaker and l... 
Newbie wants tube recommendations
sorry, I was not checking the dates. 
Newbie wants tube recommendations
I will give you 2 from Japan... Triode corp or TRI of Japan (TRV-35se) and Almarro A50125A push-pull integrated amplifier.Beautiful sounding gear...The japanese dont get the press or the credit they deserve in Tube audio.