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SUT vs. Phono preamp
Chckster: Forgot to mention OrtofonCadeza red as one of my MC's. 
SUT vs. Phono preamp
None are Rega; They are Benz Micro Gold, AT 33ev, AT F2, and your favorite Denon103D.  Haven't  tried it yet.  I usually use the vintage MMs, but recently wanted to play MCs against each other, which the Aria lets me do easily. MM's: At 12sa, at 4... 
SUT vs. Phono preamp
I have 5  LOMCS, one phono preamp and one SUT. Actually, I do not notice much difference between  the phono preamp and the SUT, but I just wanted to know a little more about the theory behind all this; your responses so far  have helped  greatly.  
Bare cartridge design, Sumiko Blackbird Low Output
Over 100 cartridges since the early 60's; many came with thrift store turntables which happened to have good cartridges on them, many purchased in the late 80's to mid 90's,by which time most everyone temporarily gave up on turntables. For example... 
Bare cartridge design, Sumiko Blackbird Low Output
I destroyed 2  Clearaudio Virtuosos, as above, the only ones I ever did when changing phono cartridges, and I have had over 100 cartridges over the years. 
Reasonable moving coil cartridge
The AT 33ev, original price near 1000, can now be purchasd for around $225. 
New Technics vs. old
Raul: my January question was about specific Technics models, and that question was satisfactorily answered, in my opinion. My recent question is more general as to whether it is worth spending the extra $ on the newer models; ie. are they that mu... 
Should I keep the Turntable or sell it?
Well; I don't know how well the OP's question was addressed, but this has been the most entertaining, thread I've read on Audiogon in years, with all the back and forth debate and subtle character assassinations. 
New Technics turntables
What if you had a 1200 GR and a 1500C next to each other with identical phono cartridges, would one turntable better the other? 
New Technics turntables
So, the consensus is to buy the 1200 GR even though you don't want or need DJ features?  
Pioneer PLX 1000 ancestry
Well, I've gotten plenty of responses as to the quality or deficiencies of the PLX 1000, and even some political comments,but almost none about  it's ancestry, my original question! One response suggested a relationship to the Onyko 1050, as Pione... 
Pioneer PLX 1000 ancestry
Wow; all sorts of opinions here! My original question was whether  the Pioneer PLX 1000 is a rebadged Reloop 7000, and I guess it isn't. Why not try to answer the implied question of bondmanp,[above] as to whether the Onyko 1050 has any kinship wi... 
Thorens TD-203 experiences?
I'm not sure of propriety, but if you try Vinyl Engine's forum, look at the posts or responses by Rafaelmombo from Sweden.He is obviously very knowledgeable about cartridges and turntables, just loves his TD 203 and  Benz Micro silver cartridges. ... 
Can anyone listen to side 1 of Tchaikovsky "1812 Overture"?
Back when the Telarc  came out in the late 70's or early 80's, it was used to demo mainlyAudio Technica cartridges, which co-produced the recording. Not surprisingly, AT cartridges could easily track all cannons, as could Shures, Empires, and many... 
Ortofon quintet vs. cadenza series
Helpful responses! Now, if your budget is around $1000, would you go with the Ortofon quintet, used on many audiophile TTs, or, is it worth it to go with the Ortofon cadenza red, the low member of the Cadenza series?