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Is there any one piece of vintage gear you most wished you owned?
ADS L-1530  
Decided to try a SPU cartridge
there is one arm manufacturer that the SPU's will work with that flies in the face of this rule, this being the Viv Lab's Rigid Floats. Wow, you’ve definitely got my attention! This is exactly what I was planning on trying as soon as Ortofon ha... 
More on the Onzow Zerodust
I don't agree with his level of paranoia. And he keeps showing the same Wallytools pics (which ARE great pics) which to me show a shocking lack of cartridge care from the USERS, not issues from the Onzow. Those big grainy particles came from buil... 
Help.... I'm scared to 'upgrade'!
I am surprised about noise issues with the Parasound JC3+ I may be wrong but I was under the impression the “+” update took care of any residual noise with a change from an R-Core transformer to a toroidal type? A little bird 😉 told me the ori... 
MAT - platter material, thickness/ resonant frequency - thoughts please
Two excellent turntables! The Sony will be difficult if my experience at attempting to “improve” a PS-X65 is typical. The original oil-filled mat you reference is pretty much unobtainable at this point. Interesting read on their approach: https:... 
Decided to try a SPU cartridge
@cleeds I agree completely. I believe we’re saying the same thing if we consider HTA = Zenith.  
Decided to try a SPU cartridge
Ditto 👍 Ortofon’s SPU Classic GM E MKII looks like my pick once they’re back in stock.  
Decided to try a SPU cartridge
@cleeds on defining HTA: The SME base allows for adjusting overhang, not HTA. Overhang and HTA are two different things. I never implied they weren’t. Overhang adjustment on any conventional radial tonearm will affect HTA - period. Your imag... 
Decided to try a SPU cartridge
HTA/zenith semantics aside, IMO the use of a standard SPU will benefit greatly from any tonearm featuring an SME style HTA adjustable base.  
Decided to try a SPU cartridge
Oddly enough, the SME manual conflates the two. And has been doing so since 1959 😉  
Decided to try a SPU cartridge
@cleeds HTA is Horizontal Tracking ANGLE (not adjustment) which IS the way to adjust overhang on an SME tonearm.  
Decided to try a SPU cartridge
Preferably a tonearm with an overhang adjustment such as SME’s Horizontal Tracking Adjustment base which I believe the Groovemaster II has. While a conventional SPU has no zenith adjustment, a strong case for conical/spherical types, it never hur... 
Decided to try a SPU cartridge
SPUs are typically very low impedance devices that work exceptionally well run directly into transimpedance phono preamps. Usually a perfect combo 🎶 The only caveat I can think of could the be use of a coaxial signal cable that may treat the +/- ... 
How many turntables have you owned?
From 1979 until ditching analog in the mid ‘90’s, I went through 6 turntables. Brands in order included Yamaha, B&O, Sony, Thorens, Systemdek & Oracle. Sometime in 2005, I returned to analog and began collecting vintage turntables with a ... 
Benz SLR Gullwing, not sensitive to loading?
I’ve heard horror stories of bad parts lately so it may be worth confirming your 47K resistors are in fact 47,000 ohms. It does seem as if the cartridge signal is “seeing” a lower value (path of least resistance) in the circuit.