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Best Isolation Platform with Audio Aero Prestige
Brian , Rhetoric aside , have you tried the Critical Mass Grand Master black label platforms in your own system ? I would then welcome your opinions positive or negative. Blind shootouts are welcome but there are as many who disapprove as see ... 
Best Isolation Platform with Audio Aero Prestige
Disclaimer ; I am a dealer for Critical Mass Systems . In Positive Feedback online this month Critical Mass Systems were mentioned in a review of the $7500 Halcyonics Micro 40. The reviewer thought that CMS performed better under his source compon... 
Review: Elrod Power Systems (EPS) Signature 3 Power cord
Fabulous review, I agree totally. 
CES 07 Show Report
Admittedly , I have gotten a kick out of the private feedback I have received over this Thread. Mostly positive , some silly , others disagreeing on one aspect or another of what I heard and commented on , some fussing about my foodie section {ok ... 
Warmest speaker?
For Warm , musical , involving with a great soundstage.... Try The Esp Concert Grands. 
Conrad Johnson Act 2 series 2 First Impressions
The upgrade will replicate the performance of the 2.2 I am told. 
Conrad Johnson Act 2 series 2 First Impressions
Audioblazer, see my Art 3 mini review . 
Conrad Johnson Act 2 series 2 First Impressions
Baranyi, the cost is 5500.00 to upgrade an existing Act 2 to a series 2. Well , and I mean well worth it. Audioblazer. I am in awe of what CJ is doing with each new preamp introduction . The Act 2.2 walked all over the Act 2 . Obtaining an Art 3 w... 
REVIEW: Mccormack UDP-1 Deluxe
Agreed , excellent review. Thanks for sharing !! 
earthquake subs
I like the Earthquake 15 and own one . This excellent sub is a fantastic bargain IMO for what it does. I however find its attribute is crossing over as low as possible and giving the volume a touch of gain ... say 2 on a scale of 1-10 . It should ... 
Act II tube rolling
Mrtennis , the new CJ preamps are completely different sounding than earlier models from the company. The direction of the new gear leans to transparency but retains their signature musicality . The usage of teflon caps and new topologies has chan... 
CES 07 Show Report
Good point Tbg. 
CES 07 Show Report
I assumed this was a well know fact but maybe it needs pointing out. For shows , audio gear is broked down , boxed and shipped across country via truck for many days before reaching its destination . Its often frigid cold and between the delivery ... 
The final Act in a study in preamps the ART 3
Conclusion and final thoughts. I rotated discs from my Redbook , SACD as well as DVD A collection .Initially I treated my system with the Purist Audio Design , System Enhancer Rev-B disc . Discs used in this evaluation were as follows: 1: Best of... 
CES 07 Show Report
Mibviking , correct Sweden... I recieved a followup e mail from the company expressing thanks for my comments and interest in their fabulous speakers. I cant get them out of my head. I will own a pair one day. Too bad thay have no US distributor. ...