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SME turntables
Well built but rather lifeless sounding. I speak as an ex-sme owner. Ironically they sound much better with non-sme arms such as triplanar and graham and I have heard the 30 with both of those arms and it sounded much better. The 20 is a big step ... 
Brinkmann TT with an SME arm - any experiences?
Congrats! Trade up to the brinkmann arm when you can. Its better than both the SME V and the OL encounter although its quite a bit more expensiveIs that the same emt the brinkmann emt is based on from memory? 
AMG V12 vs SME 20/12
Did you try the anna on the bardo? or the winfield on the SME? 
AMG V12 vs SME 20/12
People have sold sme 30 to buy the Bardo before so this is a strange move. Better to put the Anna on a bardo. The 10.5 is significantly better than the V in every respect bar one (lack of treble zing). Have you considered PMC speakers to go with y... 
Brinkmann TT with an SME arm - any experiences?
The V is slightly more neutral in the treble but the 10.5 is much faster sounding and more dynamic with much better bass. Overall its a big step up over the V 
Brinkmann Lagrange or Kuzma Stabi M
The lagrange is better than even the top kuzma to my earsIts just been phased out so you should get a great price 
Brinkmann/Spiral Groove/TW Acustic Black Night...?
The brinkmann emt needs about 330 pf capacitive loading or it will sound too sharp and cold. The brinkmann phono stages have this built in 
PS Audio GCPH mod vs. Heed Quasar
Yes you can save money by not buying a preamp - but most importantly it gives a huge boost to the sound quality by cutting out a preamp stage in any system. The difference is immense. 
Speakers for Rock Music
PMC - maybe the fb1i used 
PMC and what electronics ??
No I did it single ended as I couldnt find balanced splitters. 
PMC and what electronics ??
Yes passively tri-amped - its a big improvement over bi-amping.Not the naim nap 500 with the mb2 I am afraid. It keeps cutting out at more then 10 o clock on the volume control. Maybe ok with smaller pmc but bryston sounds so much better than naim... 
PMC and what electronics ??
I have pmc mb2 xbd activepmc work best with bryston but must either be active or triamped to come alive 
Best tonearm for AirTight PC-1
I own the brinkmann 10.5 and have owned the sme V in the past - I have also heard the breuer 5, 7 & 8. The brinkmann arm has far tighter and faster bass than all of them. 
breuer 5c tonearm
I have heard the 5, 7 & 8 by breuer - the breuer derived brinkmann 10.5 beats them all. 
Best high end monitors?
PMC - active if possible