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Headphones for Digital Piano
Hey Guys, It has been a while! Virtual System version 3.0 is coming in 1.5 years when I have a house and properly treated room to do justice to the equipment. To make a long story short, I moved from Canada to Europe September of this year. Starte... 
Sound Card with External DAC
How much are you looking to spend? 
Which artists do you just not get?
jcbach, I also chk the reviews on amazon but I find them more useful after listening to a few samples on mp3. I've filtered many nasty purchases at the music store by going this route. 
PC for Magnum Dynalab tuner
I tried the Virtual Dynamics NITE PC on the Etude and it made a substantial improvement across the board. 
Too many boxes
I just moved into my new apartment in Toronto and the storage space is much smaller than my suburban house in Waterloo... I've had to flatten all of my boxes and stack all the foam parts in one of the closets... The only boxes I kept unflattened w... 
2003 CES Show Report from Father & Son Audio
Great pictures! I'll be coming back to your website for more pictures. 
computer fan noise?
www.quietpc.comI bought all their stuff and installed it. The computer is whisper quiet now. 
Burn in time for Virtual Dynamics Cables
Paul, I think Rick will burn in the cables for a small fee but your cables will still require burn in after installation into your system, especially if cryo'd. I highly recommend upgrading your speaker cables as this is probably what is causing m... 
$1,500 to spend on a tubed full function pre
The Rogue 99 Magnum is great, there are tonnes of other pre's out there too which I haven't heard also. I've owned the 99 and it worked well in my system and also in other systems I've tested it in. 
Burnin CDs? Sound loss/degration question
You can make them sound better by burning at 1X and using the Mitsui Gold CD-R. To make the copies sound really good you need a $1000+ CD Recorder. You will never get good CDs from burning on your computer. 
Power Cord; upgrade vs tweak
Get one of those dremmel tools, cut a hole for the IEC and get a good power cord. It'll be a a nice improvement over the stock cord. If you have the cash I would but a new amp. 
Review: Virutal Dynamics Nite Interconnect
Mike, there was another review on the NITE ICs where the reviewer compared them to his Kimber Select. Do a search here on Audiogon and you'll find it. Apparently the NITE blew the Kimber Select away. 
Shipping tube amps, leave tubes in or out?
John, you could leave them in and use foam on top to make sure they can't move around under the cage. If one of the tubes gets loose it will surely get smashed if there is not tonnes of foam inside the cage to pretect the tubes. 
Where can I get my power cables cry'oed?
Worldcup86, here's a nicely digested summary of the process: Cryogenic Process 
Where can I get my power cables cry'oed?
I know of two places that have great facilities and have done audio related stuff: Purist Audio and Virtual Dynamics. I think Purist does their stuff at NASA? Virtual Dynamics actually has a Cryo Chamber with computer controlled cooling and warmin...