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Have you moved away from full range to standmount speakers + subs?
Blkwrxwagn....Thanks for not helping...You can't answer it because your a neophite and don't know the answer....I pity your SO....way to much hatred and negativity to be on here. 
Have you moved away from full range to standmount speakers + subs?
QUESTION:   I have the Tekton Pendragons and love them....Why does Tekton push the 4 ohm option when ordering.. I would not buy them in 4 ohm...Mine are 8 ohm for easier amp matching...Is 4 ohm cheaper than 8 ohm to produce. Eric also make them in... 
A Newcomer to Digital Looking to Upgrade My Dac, Tubes? Ideas?
I second the Schiit Loki Mini+ tone control....It's amazing for adjusting the sound just the way you like it without adding distortion like many EQ's do. DAC wise, No other DAC under a grand sounds more analog and gets more positive rave reviews t... 
Top 5 Reaons to NOT BUY A TURNTABLE.
MC... Being a TEKTON Owner I USED to respect you...You are off the rails. 
What song have you played the most?
I'm Having a Riot asking Alexa to play all these FAV'S...Mine is either  WHEN YOU WALK IN THE ROOM  by Karla Bonoff ..I get the goosebumps and alternate Is one of Mark Knopflers  QUALITY SHOE  !! 
For SACD fans only
I have a Denifrips and Topping DACs which I love...but when I try to play SACDs thru my Marantz SACD player ...No sound comes out and I was told that a DAC won't play a Sony licensed SACD.....What's up...You guys all sound like there's a way to pl... 
The smoothest amp you've heard?
Belles Aria $2200 70 watt integrated....Lucious 
Supply chain affecting anyone?
Ron @ New Record Day loves the LOUNGE phono pre amp. Ordered one from Robert ( hand built) $349.....Magnificent sounding ...very short wait. Highly recommended. 
Who are the Stand Up Guy's and Gals in this Audio Industry?
David Belles Belles Amps.......Randy Rusk @ Caintuck audio ( baffle less speakers....Steve Deckert...and Eric Alexander @ Tekton. Also Brian at Sweet Home Audio. (a retailer) 
Sweetvinyl Sugarcube - SC1 and SC2
For $489 USD you can get a beautiful sounding PUFFIN phono amp from Parks Audio that has a scratch and pop filter that works very nicely albiet not quite as good as the $3000 unit. But for a budget minded person, this PUFFIN is well worth the $$$$. 
$2000 Tektons, which one for my use?
I own TEKTON Pendragons....(The Only Tektons that Andrew Robinson has in his top ten speaker list) Every time I listen, I am in Awe of the pure musicallity they produce for their price) Running with 8 watt KT88 Amp and 75 watt SS amp. I just order... 
Would Appreciate Advice Before I Buy
Another thought on speakers ( even though my RP600M's punch WAY above their price point and literally disappear when listening....is the new Tekton Troubador...Really unique looking and Jay's fav @ $1000 a pr. Also the Lore Referance on sale at $8... 
Would Appreciate Advice Before I Buy
I have the RP-600M's and they are fantastic speakers....The turntable should be the U-Turn Audio ( made in MA.) with the Ortofon Blue cartridge. The RED comes standard but the Blue ( $100) upgrade is twice the sound quality.... 
Tube or R-2R DAC for Tube System
My SET w/ KT 88's and Denafrips Ares 2 ($800) is fantastic. Soundstage goes Waaaaay back behind the spkrs. talk about holographic. Or the Pontus is double the Ares2 in price w/ slightly better performance. 
Looking for new speakers for large audio room
sorry 'bout the double post.....I did not think the 1st one went thru.