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P.S. Audio Quintet? Worthwhile?
My DUET just burnt out. It's only two years old. 
If you could bring back one great artist that has
I don't know if anyone considered him great, but I don't see anybody mentioning his name, Jim Croce. 
Is there any bad sounding high-end gear--?
Every piece of equipment I have bought in the last ten years, a friend of mine doesn't like. Although everything I own costs probably 2-3 times the stuff he has, he still doesn't like it. B&W, PSB & NAD is all he wants to hear, and those a... 
Power cord for low-watt tube amp?
I had a eight watt tube amp once, which came with stock power cord. One night, while at the dealer's house auditioning some speakers to go with it, his opinion was that it sounded a little laid back or not to crisp, and suggested trying a Harmonic... 
What about 7"45's anybody still listen to them?
I still have about 20 or so. I like the way they sound. 
Speakers on floor?
I get much better bass, and overall a better balanced sound by putting my small speakers on the floor, and I am just using 2 inch thick cutting boards with spikes, and ceramic cones under the speakers for the tilt. 
How a turntable is like a gym membership
I had expensive tables in the past, and I too got tired of vinyl. I sold or traded, and ended up with a cheap 350 dollar table, and consolidated my vinyl's to about 200 left, and now play once and a while w/o any rituals. just put it on & play. 
The British Sound
Cio52,Thanks for the suggestion! 
The British Sound
Cio52,Maybe just because I have had British equipment for so long, and not heard much else lately. 
The British Sound
I am getting sick of the 'British Sound' 
Audio Art IC-3 vs. Speltz Anti-IC
I have the Anti-cable IC, and the Morrow MA-1.I definitely like the MA-1 better. 
Sony xdr-f1hd, Tuner, Impresive great value
I have one, and love it! But what I don't understand is that people say it runs very hot. I don't find that to be the case with mine, it's warm, but not hot. 
Speaker footers – Ugh
I use, first, a two inch thick cutting board from Home Depot, which is spiked with carpet piercing spikes, to a concrete floor, then, my speakers rest on a combinationof DH Labs ceramic cones, one large one in the front, and one small one at each ... 
The CD player is dead.......
If the CD player is so dead, then howcome artistsare still releasing their new music on them all the time? 
The CD player is dead.......
I would still rather operate a high-end CD player,than a computer based music system. It just feels better.