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help me decide: VTL 7.5 or ARC Ref 3
Well I have owned Ref 3 for almost a year then I switched to the VTL 7.5. My 7.5 is the original not the new Mk2. The Ref 3 did some amazing things that were pretty impressive, especially in the area of detail and transparency and I really had no ... 
What preamps equal to or better than CJ ACT II
I love the ACT 2 but so far I haven't heard anything else in it's catagory. I will try to listen to some of your suggestions before making my final decision. Thanks for your help. 
What is the Best Amp to match with CJ ART??
FmpndWhat NOS tubes would you recommend for the ART-2?Carey 
Love it, or Hate it ? (wood trim)
Usually doesn't last over time; Dislike 
New room/ need new speakers
You may have to go with a sub to really fill the room. 13x17 may not be real big but it's not real small either. What is your ceiling height and is the room closed in or does it have an opening or l shape? Of course personel taste will play a big ... 
Nestorovic Owners
I'm with you; Nestorovic system 12 and Nesto NA-1 AmpsCarey 
Passive subs hook up question.
With the passive crossover your subs are crossed over at aprox 200 hertz which definitely requires stereo mode. The subs' internal passive crossovers were designed to work with the Nestorovic satellites, how ever if you are not using the Nestorovi... 
CAT Ultimate VS Conrad Johnson Art/CJ 16
I owned them both, as a matter of fact I had 3 generations of the CAT over the years and enjoyed them all, the ultimate the most. I really didn't keep the CJ 16LS for more than a month. It just didn't have the magic that the CAT did and tho it was... 
Jadis Defy 7 MkIV w/ KT 90's tweeks
Sorry I've forgotten all about this thread. Sold the amp and preamp. Bought the JPS 2 and a pair of Nestorovic Amps. Love it. Will probably put another Jadis amp back in later on. 
What tubes are the best for the Jadis JPS 2 Preamp
Thanks guys looks like Teles are the ones I'll try. I'll let you know. 
Nuetrality be Damned...
NESTOROVIC LABS makes one of the most musical speakers in the industry. Give them a listen 
Amp/Pre-amp for Vandersteens
Vandersteens are at their best with GOOD tubes. If you move up I'd stay with tubes. I'd suggest the ARC VT 100 Amp. Carey 
Vandersteen 2Ce and bass performance
Go tubes, these speakers thrive on tube gear ARC for the best result. This will give you rich full bass that you're missing. 
Tube Amps with Vandersteen 2Ci's ???
I,ve heard a lot of Vandersteens and I must say that for moderate listening levels the ARC classic 60 sounds very very good, about as good as I,ve heard. If you want for extreme bass impact I'd add the subwoofer but I doubt you'll need it.