Responses from cbrez

Here’s my list: Snell E/II Snell C/III Quad ESL 63 Home made speakers using EJ Jordan full range drivers Celestion SL 600 / 6000 system Long gap in between… Kef LS50 Dynaudio Heritage Special (I couldn’t be happier)  
Denafrips Pontus 2 Price increases
Change the currency from SGD to USD. When I do that the price is listed as $1,792.97 is US dollars.  
what amplification are you running with your Dynaudio Heritage Specials?
Pass XA25. I've read plenty about how the Heritage Specials need a high wattage amp, but the XA25 in my room does everything I need. Completely musical and transparent. I have a Linear Tube Audio Microzotl pre and the dynamics are also wonderful.  
speakers for small room
They were  limited production, but I have Dynaudio Heritage Specials and they are incredible. Perhaps a used pair. For a stand mounted speaker, the bass is wonderful. Imaging, dynamics, timbral accuracy, are spectacular. And with any really terrif... 
Upgrading preamp. Best for under $1K
+1 for the LTA unit if you can add a phono stage later on. Went from an LTA MZ2 as a line preamp to the Microzotl pre because I was so impressed. Imaging, dynamics, soundstage, all awesome for the money and as mentioned, David Berning designs are ...