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Value of a preamp?
with exceptions, system sounds better with it than without it.   
Smaller plug-in AC Purifiers -- Shunyata, iFi, Puron...something else? What do you like?
my system was plenty noisy. i tried the ifi AC purifier. tried it every way they suggested. it did absolutely nothing. isotech isobar and the 4-outlet richard grey help.   
Rogue Audio hard to resell, has it fallen out of favor ?
perhaps too many of em for sale for too long. i never saw something so current so common on the used market. i never hear or read anyone say its crap or loaded with design flaws, so i figured either the new sales were off the charts, its a gateway... 
Tubed preamps and Power amps- How old is too old???
well, the favorite conrand johnson preamps are PV5, premier 3 and PV8, which are...i dunno. late 80s and early 90s. one of the consensus best is marantz 7, another is citation 1, another the audio research sp-3(A)-1. serious tube people are stil... 
Transformer coupled outputs/inputs in preamplifiers.
@larryi, do you have ea build thread with pics and schematics somewhere?      ceylon  
Single input tube preamp
@blueeagle79 is referring to this  https://glass-ware.store.turbify.net/paraikocster.html          
High End System Building. How important is the matching, cabling and room? Thoughts ?
evon when they spec compatibly, some components sound better together than others.  some components that sound great together are just ok otherwise. ive heard beautiful sounds from entry level rega components working together. the same entry leve... 
How good is good enough?
the best i can afford  
Why isn't better quality used gear being made available?
i dont see how, emergingsoul. i see what you describe and exactly what you name all the time. if ur looking to spend money theres no shortage of dealers lookin to help, many specializing in the audio you describe. some of em, the rare times they c... 
Does it bother you when you see inflated MSRP’s for used gear on AG?
yes. it bugs me on usam and anywhere else fake list prices are postaed.   
Nowhere to hear speakers and amps anymore!
im in  memphis, tn i got a hifi shop (halford loudspeakers) AND a record store (goner records) down the street. got another record store (shangri-la) 1.4miles away. ive tried a fwe times but havent found any audiophiles interested in doing an au... 
Have you seen the new McIntosh poster for $195?
yes, @nonoise, an empty box for $1500  https://shop.mcintoshlabs.com/products/lb200-light-box   naw man, this isnt an audiophile thing.   
Looking for a great phono pre-amp in the $1000 or less range
@tmortsd gives good turntable advice  here are some <$1k phono amps that perform quite well, some ive owned and some i still own, some i havent:   tube: tavish vintage $800 hagerman cornet $590   opamp: sota pyxi van alstine vision Q+ ... 
@daveteauk its maddening, and it aint just magnepan. lots of hifi companies announce some product they dont havwe on their website that they dont update with any real accuracy.  in my world there is a fad among businesses in the information age o... 
did the LRS+ ever make it to the website? last i communicated directly with someone the wait list was a good few months for the LRS+, and it was nowhere on the website, and they still havent officially or started selling the bass or sub panel that...