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Speaker cables from Asia
I would like to know what manufacturers (lets say Kimber, Audioquest, etc) are doing about these fraudulent products. Surely they are in the best position to stop these products (I bought fraudulent Audioquest cable - the moderator did nothing aft... 
Looking for integrated w/ good dynamics kick
Hallo JeenamI just love the Predator. Unfortunately I moved it to my no.2 system in my study - stunning detail & balance with the Vandy's though. When I have the $$ I will be buying the Black Widow power amps.Regards 
Looking for integrated w/ good dynamics kick
Hallo JeenamI had a Valve Audio Exclame and still have a Predator for two years. I have no problems with bass responce - I think it is a very good amp all round.Did you play around with speaker placement, etc? - I am not familiar with the Tempo's.... 
LP for fathers day ideas please............
Hi ChadnlizTry and find one of the Stockfish records - maybe even the sampler/compilation. Dynamics are awsome. Maybe not classical but...Regards 
best amp to drive Gallo 3.1's?
Dear Oceanica1Why not move up to the 200W/c Valve Audio Predator?Regards 
Valve Audio from South Africa
I first had an Exclame 100W for a year and then upgraded to a 200W Predator 18 months ago - awsome amp. I am putting together a system with separates (HT included) right now and might just go with the VA Black Widow power amps - they are stunning!... 
Vandersteen Surround HELP
Would also love to see the replies. I have just bought Quattros to join my 2SigII's in expanding to a HT setup.Good luck with your setup 
Best amp for Vandersteen Quattro?
Thanks for all the valuable input. I will now start hunting down the "bargains"Regards 
What is a good, compact sized integrated amp??
Naim Nait 
Should I replace my LP12?
I was having my doubts about the ability of my LP 12 - it is an old standard (+-1975 Model) with an Ittok LVII and a Origin Live DC motor & Speed control. The cartridge is a Roksan Shiraz. The past weekend a friend brought over his Wilson Bene... 
Stockfisch Records
I have three Stochfish albums on vinyl. I can second Cello - David Roth's LP is absolutely stunning. If I had the $'s (and all were available on vinyl)I would go out there and buy the whole Stockfish catalogue. Stunning music/recording/mastering/p... 
Integrated decisions for under $1500
Can you stretch to $1700 - give the Valve Audio Exclame 100 hybrid a try (try Music Direct). I had one for a year and now owns the big brother, Prdator. WOW!!RegardsChris 
sme tonearm cartridge help Please?? 3009 S2
HAllo GcharlI bought my arm 2nd hand without a weight for bias setting - made up my own but cannot recall what it weighed in the end. I tracked my cartridge at just over 1.6.Regards 
sme tonearm cartridge help Please?? 3009 S2
Hi Gcharl01I had this arm on my LP12 fitted with a Goldring 1042 - great smooth combination. I also searched the web for info but could not find much.Regards 
hybrid integrateds
Check the "Music Direct" web site for the Excelent "Valve Audio" Predator (or smaller Exclame 100). Simply stunning for the $$$$$$.Regards