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What Integrated Amp do You use
Have had a Quicksilver Integrated Amplifier by Mike Sanders for just a couple of days, and not sure I'll get over the "wow!"* All tube, musical.* Rated at 20 watts both 8 ohms and 4 ohms, drives Focal Aria 906s just fine. The speakers are quoted a... 
$2000.00 to spend on new speakers.
Focal Aria 906 pair has been great for me. 89.5 dB sensitivity. Excellent detail, which should pair well with a tube amp, no? 
Tube Preamp - What to buy?
If you want to hear what a tube pre-amp does, the Xiangsheng 728A is a good introduction, about $300 and presumably not difficult to resell . My experience is at 
Why has focal raised their prices so much on Sopra line
A pair of Aria 906 speakers is $1,990 in the U.S., the same as four months ago. A French website just now lists the pair at 790 Euros. That is approximately equivalent to what I paid in a private craigslist transaction for a pristine three-year ol... 
Recommended cheaper vintage SS Integrated Amps?
You didn't define the ceiling on "cheaper," but an alternative could be that you get an affordable, modern, neutral amplifier and a tube preamp within your budget. 
First tube preamp recommendations (under $5k)
Browsing this thread with no thought of spending such money? You might be interested in this " Buyer's report: Xiangsheng 728A tube pre-amplifier " that I had posted on another forum.