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Need speaker recommendations.
For moderate to moderate-low volume, Focal Aria 906 speakers serve me well, placed 1.5 feet from wall to rear of the enclosure. Incidentally, because of the necessary height of placement, I tilted them with rubber doorstops under them. That helps ... 
Decisive moments your your audio journey
Most recently, when the Carver Crimson 275 fraud burst just in time for – I'd been considering it. The exposé of the 15 watt output transformer in a claimed 75 watt amplifier made me go back and look at how much over-the-top hype (too kind a word)... 
Choice between two different integrated tube amps (SET & PP)
Mike Sanders' Quicksilver Integrated tube amplifier, if its 20 watts into 8 ohms is enough for your speakers. And you'd need to kludge something for home theater. But it's at your budget, its U.S. made, and it sounds great.    
Bought powerful/expensive Amp+Speakers but plan to use an old preamp , am I crazy?
I was in a similar situation: good amp with no volume control, good speakers, but little budget for a preamp. I bought the new Emotiva BasX PT1. The edgy treble was too much for me. I did notice that putting a second preamp, a Xiangsheng 728A, aft... 
Audiogon is becoming the hub for scammers.
For expensive camera gear, the forum plus marketplace is quite reliable. You get a sense of the community when you review the plentiful, easy-to-access feedback on sellers and buyers. Somewhat the same with These forums... 
Tiny Room (6' x 9') speaker advice
I have heard great things about the Infinity Infinitesimal and BBC L3S/5A, but unfortunately being true vintage they are tough to find for audition. How do you audition equipment for a room of your size at a dealer's place? Wouldn't the sound b... 
Budget integrated amp needed
The Yamaha A-S501 retails for $550, so if you are patient you can get it for around $400. Or you can drop down to the A-S301 in the Yamaha series.  
Peeking inside a Carver Crimson 275 Tube Amplifier
Amir at Audiosciencereiew did a thorough set of measurements of the amp.  
Chi-Fi in the Time of Self-Righteous Indignation.
Japan climbed up the manufacturing ladder after World War Two - from tiny toy cars to Toyotas that beat Detroit. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that the country has a long tradition of craft skills.   China has a history of sharp merch... 
Can recommend some non-fatigue SMALL bookshelf for near-field listening?
The Focal Aria 906 dimensions are 153/8 x 87/8 x 11" (390x225x280mm). I use them for moderate-low to low volume - very good sound.    
burn in - how important?
Not burn-in but warm-up. In reply to an email, Nelson Pass said his First Watt F8 reaches thermal equilibrium after an hour. He also said you can leave it on all the time if the waste of electricity is not a problem for you.    
Nietzsche and Runaway Audio Consumption
When the Paris Commune was put down [in 1871] with the slaughter of 20,000 working people, Nietzsche wrote: "Hope is possible again! Our German mission isn’t over yet! I’m in better spirit tha ever, for not yet everything has capitulated to Franco... 
Advice for Amp to Drive Klipsch Forte IVs
The Forte IV are specified at 99 dB sensitivity. A First Watt F8 would likely drive them well - it has no problem with my Focal Aria 906's spec'd at 89.5 dB. Plus a SS or tube preamp.  
Line Stage Preamps that blew you away $2500 Edition
@fuzztone "Used Sanders line stage." Do you mean Mike Sanders' Quicksilver products?  
Recommend an Entry Level Turntable (And maybe an integrated Amp)
Yes, the Yamaha integrated amps are good and almost complete for your needs. For example, the A-S501, which lacks only Bluetooth. The A-S501 delivers fine clarity, with perhaps a slight bit of warmth. Since the Yamaha has digital inputs, I chose ...