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CD Repair?
I have found that some of these cd repair kits can work well. There are others that are more hype than anything when you actually use them to try to repair scratches. 
How large is your music collection?
My collection is only measured in the 100's. I have friends who easily have a collection in the 1000's or even 10'000's. I have a friend like you, whould could listen to music all day and not need to repeat an album for years. 
any new Beatle fans because of the remasters?
They are before my time as well. I am not a huge fan of the Beatles. But I do like some of their music especially as I am able to hear more of their songs. 
Cars. What does the typical audiophile drive?
1. I drive a Toyota Tacoma.2. I have no plans for what am driving in the future yet.3. If money was no object, would want a Porshe and a Corvette. 
Can You Live With Crackling & Popping Noise?
I can live with some crackling and popping noises. It often happens. It depends on how bad it is. If it is just faintly in the background, I do not mind much. 
Record-playing Rituals?
I usually end up cleaning my records (typically just by dusting them off) before I play them. I do a more thorough clean as I see fit. I still love listening to records. 
Your First Concert was.....
My first concert was actually when a friend in high school invited me to go with her to see a Christian Rock Group at the local fair. It was actually a really good concert though. 
Old vs. New Dacs.
I agree, older DAC may have the lower spec but it sound different to some of the latest up sample dac... Not better or worst just different you need to hear it and compare it. 
Siemens CCa vs. Amperex PW 6922
I vote for Amperex!!! much better!!! 
Cable Costs Relative to System
DIY cable is good value. 10-15% spend on DIY cable is great value :) 
Review: Promitheus Audio Transformer Volume Control Ref 4 Preamplifier
Thank you for sharing your finding. I too have hear one of this preamp. But personally don't like the idea of a long signal path which is the case when TVC applied... So, active or passive... there is no perfect solution. 
Review: Coda FET-01p Preamplifier
great review:) good work there. 
Leaving amplifiers on all the time???
No good for global warming :0)