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W4s always made good products and they were more popular several years ago, but I think the huge influx of excellent dacs from China killed them. Who’s going to buy a 5k W4s when they can buy a Terminator or a May that every major reviewer went cr... 
Omega Super Alnico Monitor/Aric Audio SE KT88
I have a pair in order as well. Time will tell.   
DAC's from the past, are any of them really worth much today?
I agree that some very good modern dacs are available for under $1k, but I totally disagree that the modern dacs are necessarily better than the best dacs of the past. The Naim 555 and CDS3, the Vekian, Wadia, Zanden were incredible. As far as “ne... 
I don’t think jitter causes dropouts. Are you using WiFi?  If you are, that’s more likely the issue I think.   
Turntable dust cover cleaning
Novus plastic polishing kit. As @mijostyn said, work in straight lines. I don’t know if you will get them out, but you may be able to make them somewhat less visible. After that, just dust with a swiffer. If you can’t get anywhere with the Novus, ... 
Pictures at an Exhibition
I was watching several different performers playing the piece on You Tube yesterday and I was astounded at the differences in approach. The touch, tempo, dynamics. When I was in school, we studied the fact that the “scholars” differed on how older... 
Yes, another audiophile at a crossroads story and request for advice
As you seem to like what you have, I would recommend trying some “better” cables from the cable company.  In my experience, the difference between cables can range anywhere from no difference to “holy sh%t” and the only way to tell is to try. I wo... 
Anxiety help needed. New instal of Hana ML
I have had cartridges with the cantilevers slightly off, but looked fine when playing a record. Welcome to the world of analog. If this bothers you, call your dealer. That’s what they get paid for.   
Ear training suggestions
Take piano lessons.   
Audio stand needed....Moving main components from mechanical room to listening room
Check out Quadraspire. A lot of options, but check the depth. I would probably do a  single for the TT and put it right next to a double wide so you have some mechanical separation for the vinyl.   
upgrade path from my current speakers? (Dynaudio Special Forty)
I have to agree with @ghdprentice. You are focused on the speakers, but there’s a lot more out there than Bluesound , RME and NAD. Bring your RME into a dealer and ask them to demo it against some other dacs and see what you think.   
CD/ SACD advice needed
Why don’t you have the Mac CD player serviced?    
Ayre C-5xe to Kii 3 speakers using AES
Personally, if it’s a new system, I would start with Mogami or some other pro cable and listen for a few months. Because when you get a me component you don’t know if it’s the unit, the cable or something else. So buy some Mogami cables, sort ever... 
The AN 2.1x signature is excellent , but stretch to the 3 series is you can. Or at least the 2.1x signature balanced. Also remember the 2.1x sig is only balanced and spdif. No toslink, usb,I2s.    
CD Transport
Great choice. Just don’t get a hernia installing it :)