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Recommendation for speaker cable to use with Magico speakers
Personally, I would ask your Magico dealer to recommend something more modestly priced to start, with a trade in option on the Reference if you decide to upgrade later. Once you get everything broken in, you can audition the reference and see if i... 
integrated amp with phone for graham ls6 under $4000 new
I was thinking about this some more and if you’re in the US, I would recommend you contact Gene Rubin. He carries Heed, Belles, LFD and others and he can really help you set up something good with the Chartwells. He knows what works and he is exce... 
integrated amp with phone for graham ls6 under $4000 new
I’ve used those speakers with several different integrated and they always sounded good, but they will step up their game when you move up the amp/source chain. I don’t think you need to agonize over your choices, but if you like classic rock, you... 
New Goldberg Variations
Whenever I hear these older pieces of music, I always think that this is possibly the closest we can get to the true history of the past. Anything written by historians can easily have been colored by the writers or whoever hired them to write. Pa... 
Audioquest Power Cords
I saw a review on Audioholics where he found the DBS added capacitance to the circuit, so it is doing something measurable. While most would not want to add capacitance, it could, in certain cases, alter the frequency response. In theory at least.    
Speakers - Your "Safest" Choice
What 125/wpc solid state amp do you have.?  How loud do you listen?  All makes a big difference. Can you handle big, heavy speakers?   
New, Very Interesting CD Transport
From the number of transport threads and the number of transports currently available, it looks like CDs are making a comeback. I know people love streaming because of the limitless choices, but sometimes too much choice has one flipping around ra... 
Anybody heard the new Audiolab 9000CDT yet?
So if I got it right, you were comparing the Cambridge into the AMR as opposed to the 6000 into the Morpheus?  If so, I think you were hearing more the dac than the transport. The AMR was a great player with a strong bottom end. Is the Sonnet brok... 
New Goldberg Variations
Love the GVs. Ito Ema version on MA recordings is very good. I recall reading that Goldberg commissioned them from Bach to help him sleep.   
Bel Canto CD3t transport replacement
One glitch and you’re ready to throw it out?  Why don’t you at least speak with a tech and get an estimate?  That’s a nice transport and you’re probably going to have to spend 3k+ to better it. And it matches your dac, so it looks nice too. As far... 
Jazz LP Audiophile Recommendations
The Bill Evans trio albums are very well recorded. The music is not too bad either. 😉  
Audio Quest Niagara 5000
Maybe look into Audience. No transformers- no hum. Excellent sound, top-notch service.   
Going from MM to MC
With all due respect to all of you very knowledgeable analog persons, I think you’ve succeeded once again in driving another analog novice into the weeds with too much information and scaring him off. That’s why I suggested the Linn cartridge so h... 
Better desktop DAC
@o_holter - Norway?  I was there two years ago. You should visit Audio Consult in Denmark. They’ll get you set up. 💸💸💸  
Better desktop DAC
@o_holter -  not really. I’m not a desktop dac person, but I did buy my Topping from them and I thought they were helpful. They seemed to carry a lot of lines, so I figured they could help you out. They really have no incentive to recommend someth...