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Danish Lust
hilde45   hilarious  
The Music Room
great people; excellent experience buying and selling.  they will take trade on new, providing they have access to what you're interested in.  they represent the best spirit behind our crazy interest in audio.  
Dog pissed on speaker
Whizzer cone….now that’s funny  
Handling Heavy Amps
I’m old.  I’ve had back surgery.  I did not let those considerations get in the way of moving Klipsch LaScalas up a set of stairs by myself.  Nor was I daunted by a Mac 130lb beast hoisted up into a pickup, out again, and up said stairs.  Ingenuit... 
BTO Not Fragile
Blue Collar.  An amazing tune and an anthem when I worked the night shift building transformers at S&C Electric on the south side of “sweet home” in the early 1970’s.  When I hear that tune, I’m right back in that factory…BTO resides in my sou... 
Line Magnetic 218a vs Leben CS600 -- am I insane? (aka when good beats great)
Not crazy.  I love my tube rolled Dennis Had Inspire 300B and Klipsch AL5’s.  A combination that keeps me coming back.  The Klipsch sounded great with different tube and SS amps, but there is something about the synergy of this pairing that is uni... 
How important is the efficiency of a speaker to you?
Very high efficiency means one can swim in the calm, warm 300B waters, which I love.  Low efficiency means one can swim and surf with the wide variety SS offer, which I also love.  Why choose when you can have both?  
Looking for integrated solid state amp for daily usage
try this:   Elac DPA2.  reliable, cool running, nice sounding and plenty of power.....a bargain and well reviewed in Stereophile.      
Seeking Honest Opinions: Your Experience with McIntosh Audio Gear
what Dean_Palmer said.  I bought a new BIG unit, and it needed a bias adjustment right out of the box.  McIntosh folks were easy to talk with directly, embarrassed and extremely helpful, handing me off to the unit's primary designer.  It shipped t... 
A Few Nice Words For Upscale Audio
That’s great.  I’ve always had great service and support at Upscale.  I try to go to them first with any purchase…even though I’m not local.  They just “get it.”  
Bose 901 Series V Questions
Don’t run them backwards; they were engineered more carefully than given credit.  The walls and placement make the difference between amazing and gawd awful.  You either have the right room or you don’t.  Use the supplied equalizer; again, tied mo... 
buying (NOS) tubes online
Passionate, crazy catalogue of knowledge and history.  A true tube nerd in the highest sense.  And, he actually cares.  That alone makes him vintage.  
buying (NOS) tubes online
Andy at  You must talk with him though.  Be patient and you will be rewarded.  (616) 454-3467.  
About ready to give up on Roon and my streamer
Pro-Ject S2 Ultra    
Western Electric 91E
Agreed gents.  It's an interesting mix of 300's and what appears to be intricate circuitry, followed by somewhat oddly, Bluetooth.  Perhaps for convenience, dunno.  Was hoping someone had bit the bullet and gave it a whirl.