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Different Tubes for low listening levels?
According  to arthur salvator... NOISE FLOOR  is  how low on the  volume dial can you go with all the music being present..The lower you can turn the volume down with all the  music being there  the  better it is. 
Duelund conversion to DIY Helix Geometry Cabling    parts connextion has a dual 16g  duelund  interconnect 
Cartridge recommendations under $2500
i have  hana  ml on a reed 2a    its beautiful and a beast...better than my  allnic puritas $5000 
The secret to a great amplifier...
sorry  doug schroder 
The secret to a great amplifier...
Been listening all day to new orange fuse  in the sony loving this  playstation for CD up  thomas schroder double interconnects on the playstation. 
The secret to a great amplifier...
I put 2  orange fuses in my  integrated last  month and it  made a huge difference.This fuse lowers the  noise  floor....meaning you can turn the volume down lower and all the  information is still there. 
The secret to a great amplifier...
putting one  in my sony playstation tomorrow 
Best Drum Solos
in-a-gadda-da-vida  or some early grand funk albums 
Guitar's...what do the audionuts play?
Larrivee 30 years old autographed by Chet Atkins 
phono stage with two inputs
allnic h-1200 
phono amp +/- €1500
Allnic h-1200 
what are your favorite movie soundtracks.
the cotton club 
guitar solos where less is more 
Best Live Album Ever...
Tks folks ,and i hope we passed the audition LET IT BE 
Best Live Album Ever...
Michael Hedges -Live on the double planet