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UPDATE. ARC REF 6 upgrade to 6SE.
I am really keen to understand the sound difference from the Ref 6 (which is my current preamp)  
Is it still worth buying a Lumin x1 in 2023?
Just to clarify … the DAC I purchased is the Weiss 502 Mk II  
Is it still worth buying a Lumin x1 in 2023?
Hi.  I have a Lumin X1.  I recently added a DAC - Weiss 502.  This was a massive step forward in the sound.  The biggest difference I have experienced next to new speakers.  I recently also added a LAN-optical network connection (Sonor) and input ... 
LOUDEST Concert and Tinnitus
Motley Cru at BC Place this past September.  Every 3 gun competition I have attended/competed. Tinnitus 15 years and keeps getting worse.  Have been following a tinnitus treatment modality (cure?) being developed by the University of Michigan.  It... 
I have a Lumin X1 and I use the X1 PSU.  It’s a good quality PSU designed for Lumin streamers.  I would pass on the power cable and get yourself an X1.    
Why didn't I sell my vinyl rig?
To me vinyl and digital just sound different.  They will never sound the same.  I find in digital what really matters is what you play back.  Streaming services always suffer from jitter caused by the ‘noise’ between the original website (I have d... 
Curious to know your streaming and dac set up and the best recommended streamer under $15k
I started with a Lumin X1 and Lumin L1.  Overall nice but wanted more.  Recently added a Weiss 502 Mark 2 (Lumin X1 still used as streamer).  Really elevated sound quality in every respect.  Also, added a Sonore Ethernet to fiber optic and ran the... 
Anyone tried fiber into EtherRegen SFP?
I have a Lumin X1 which has a optical/fiber network input.  So I have a very short run of Ethernet cable from the source to a Sonos Ethernet to Optical converter and then run the fiber optic network cable directly into the Lumin X1 (need an inexpe... 
Grimm MU1 Streamer - Really "The Best"?
Totally agree with @adasdad. My experience is that investing in the best sounding DAC you can afford will give you the greatest listening pleasure.  
Confession: I only like Norah Jones because so many others told me to
Norah Jones, I have tried to like her music but just can’t get myself to that point.  Diana Krall on the other hand makes wonderful muduc  
Pass Labs Speaker Choices
I am using Pass XA 160’s into an AR Ref 6 to Sonus Faber Il Cemonese.  Musical with huge sound stage.  
What's the oddest thing in your music collection?
Three Monty Python comedy LP’s from the 1970’s.  My room mate eft them when he moved to another city.  I have never played them but they have been with me so long I can’t bring myself to toss them out.           
Built-in vs. Standalone DACs
It really depends on how demanding you are on the sound … what is good enough to make you happy.  So for example, are you going to use your digital sound as background music while you work/read/play then getting things just right is not as importa... 
Digital enhancement
Have no clue what Kelavin is about … even after a Google search.  If you want to improve your digital sound you need to attack jitter first and then EM noise in your system.  It’s not as straight forward as adding a new more expensive DAC  
TechDAS Reliability vs SME
My experience has been the more technology that is in something the more there is that can and will go wrong.  I have had an SME 20 for 19 years and never had a problem.  Some minor upgrades to bearings and wire. It sounds as good as the day I bou...