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Goldmund Reference Turntable ?
Don't know how relevant this is but, I recently aquired a Studietto with the T5 arm. Yes, it is a fussy little ***** but once dialed in WITH the proper belt (neoprene) it has worked flawlessly. One thing I do with it is if I unplug the tonearm I a... 
Denon DL-160 discontinued?
I just purchased one from that place in Dinkytown. Just about broken in and sounds pretty great for the money. Thought of buying two in case they become a cult classic. Made me wonder if all the usual mods (new body, nuding, etc) are applicable to... 
Proper belt for Goldmund T5
Thank you. 
Proper belt for Goldmund T5
Anyone? Bueller? 
will a marantz 8b and altec model 19 work ?
I agree with T Bone. That sounds rad. 
this month's guilty pleasure
Dig is a great movie showing talented disfunction. The Warhols are great but the Massacre is much much better. Hifi/Lofi. 
Which cost more: your system or your car?
Not to hijack this thread but I was sitting in my crappy 1983 Toyota Landcruiser listening to its crappy aftermarket tape player and wondered if tube/vinyl people have a car system. 
disappointing VPI 16.5 performance??
I use Audio Intelligent 3 step and alot of times I'll go back after a few plays and hit again with either AI or VPI solutions and a rinse. Replace the vacuum tube often, it's pretty cheap. 
Atma Sphere deserves praise
I am lucky to live next door to Shelbyville in the 612. Ralph and his crew of workers are about as good as it gets with service, quality of manufacture, and overall good dudes. I have upgraded my system with M-60 amps and P2 preamp and that will b... 
Volume is to music what speed is to driving...
Just get a mountain bike and go as fast as you can at 20mph. 
Tube-amp for Magnepan?
Backing up Atmasphere on this one. Went from a Counterpoint Solid 2 (200 into 8, 400 into 4) to M60's with Zero's into 1.6 Maggies. Way tighter bass, no noise, no harshness and plenty of SPL for me (and my neighbors).