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Speakers to pair with Quicksilver mid mono
And....Another vote to Keep the K Horns as some day you may have room for them and you might regret selling them....  
Speakers to pair with Quicksilver mid mono
OP...I have been enjoying a pair of Quicksilver mid monos for several years. Mine are driving a pair of old Audio Note UK AZ-Threes from the early 2000s, nice combo. Since Fred’s Sound of Music hipped you to the Quicksilvers maybe ask them to rec... 
Starting a Classical Vinyl Music Collection
DO NOT ever put WD-40 spray on any vinyl records....Jeezzzzz  
Rogue Audio hard to resell, has it fallen out of favor ?
OP....Might be that word on the street has it that Taylor Swiiitt bought Travis a Rogue Audio integrated for Christmas....  
TV power cords; Money well spent, or money wasted?
Gary and the “lawyer”, NO …. using a new PC would only void your warranty IF a user were stupid enough to tell the manufacturer the cord was changed… Jeez YES…. putting a Shunyata Venom PC ($120 at the time) on my now 15 year old Sony TV made a ... 
Nearfield listening - once more
Nearfield listening is a fun option to my living room system. Neither is better or worse, just different. My living room is appx 36 x 41 and the nearfield system is in a small 9 x 12 room. Nearfield system uses Snell Kiis and makes a beautiful sou... 
Do I upgrade my cartridge or my turntable
OP.....Please ...The comment "deeper base" ...It’s Bass as in Acoustic Bass, Double Bass, NOT Base....If you want Base, try Baseball....Ever read an album cover? Ever see a refrence to Ray Brown, Base????err...No....  
Where does music come from that streams?
OP..It comes from that void between your ears....😁  
The greatest Pop song yet written and recorded.
On the list; Kinks - Waterloo Sunset Devo - Gut Feeling I. Berlin - Blue Skies Zappa - Stevie's Spanking Joni Mitchell - Edith and The Kingpin G. Greshwin - Summertime    
Tune of the Day
DEVO - Freedom of Choice  
Building a 100 album vinyl collection 3 must have albums are?
XTC- English Settlement Kraftwerk - Computer World Lee Morgan - The Sidewinder  
Am I broken? Am I stuck? Do I have to return my audiophile card now?
Paul....."But I am happy with the Sabrina's!" Keep them and buy more LPs....simple enough....  
How cam Morrow Audio keep offering 45%-65% discounts for trade-ups?
Ahhh yes Morrow Audio the same guys that were trying to sell Percy Faith LPs at RMAF several years ago for $12…..ya can’t make this stuff up…..👌👌  
Better Records vs MoFi
What Better Records does can be done for far less $. Find clean, not abused early pressings of your favorite titles and have them Ultrasonically cleaned or buy a ultrasonic machine and do it yourself. On 95% of said titles this will result in bett... 
Buying Used Equipment on the Internet
OP...I would echo the thumbs up for TMR, Upscale Audio, Echo Hifi in Portland, OR and Hawthorne Stereo in Seattle...I've purchased from all 4 of these sites and have been treated fairly.