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Tune of the Day
Frank Zappa "When Yuppies go to Hell"  
Suggestions for Phono Preamp
+1 on the Lounge LCR + Copla combo +1 on the Sutherland KC Vibe  
Is Bob Weir Redefining State of the Art Recording?
pwayland, Is is an ill-considered myth that Red Rocks "amphitheater that is otherwise tough with regard to sound" total BS.....Having lived in Colorado and attended many concerts at RR since 1985, I can confirm any experienced group/artist with a... 
LOUDEST Concert and Tinnitus
Loudest concert - Oingo Boingo - Early/Mid 1980's Uptown Theatre K.C. Mo. Ear bleeding loud. Honorable Mention;  Rolling Stones - Kemper Arena K.C. M. O. Dec 1981 The Tubes - Memorial Hall K.C.K.S. April 1985    
Name 3 songs where audio quality and song quality completely align
All on Vinyl; Humble Daisy - XTC from Nonsuch entire album John Abercrombie - Timeless, entire album  David Grisman - Quintet '80, entire album Talk Talk, The Colour Of Spring Here Today, ST - Grisman, Gill, Petersen, Gordy, Jr., Buchanan Tw... 
Why do we stop listening to new music as we get older?
Some do listen to new music...I'm 67 and am always discovering new music. Try Stereophile music reviews for some great stuff you may not have discovered yet.  
My analog journey - time for a new phono stage or?
Another + for the Sutherland 20/20 with the PSU.   
Why does rock concert sound suck?
+2 on Porcupine Tree  
Good upgrade from Lounge Audio LCR MKIII under $2K
Another vote for the Sutherland 20/20. After 3 years I added the LPS power supply so total cost is about $2,650. Using a MM Ortofon 2M Black. The Sutherland gear sounds like music to me, passes what the cartridge picks up in a balanced, neutral ma... 
Best Sound Track Ever Vote for One
Vertigo- Bernard Herrmann      
"Mr Johnson---who can and should be credited with single-handedly creating the high end audiophile market as we now know it"....You’re kidding, right??? Ever hear of a few guys like Peter Walker, Henry Kloss, Paul Klipsch, James Lansing or Bob Ca... 
Solid State Phono Stages
OP...Try a Sutherland phono stage at your price point. Give Ron a call, he's easy to contact and very friendly and informative. He won't try to sell you something that does not meet your needs/preferences. He's got plenty of customers to keep him ... 
Great song to test bass
1. Grace Jones LP Nightclubbing...Robbie Shakespeare bass, whole album is great. I use the last track "I've Done It Again"as a test track for bass   2. Celso Fonseca album Rive Gauche Rio ..Luiz Alves bass...Second track "Por Acaso Pela Tarde" g... 
Better CD Sound: The Search
Consider a Rega CD player....they can be purchased for a decent price and should be reliable. 
Budget Phono preAmp
+ on the Lounge Audio LCR and + Schlitt Mani....And a BIG + on any Sutherland product...I have a Sutherland 20/20...Agree with many here...make an offer on the K.C. Vibe....