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Passive pre-amp in a cable?
I suppose your drawing would work, but the pot should be mounted in a chassis so it's sheilded. A 100K pot would be a little high for a passive preamp. 20K or so, would be more appropiate so it has a "low" output impedance. If you can physically m... 
1960s Amps and Preamps
My introduction to high-end audio in the late '60's. A friend asked me to come over & check out the system his dad bought. Citation I & II, Citation ? tube tuner, Tandberg tube reel-to reel, Marantz zero tracking turntable, Marantz ? speak... 
Classical? music question
Thank you. There was also a series called "The War Years", but haven't seen it in a long time. The music has a very unique sound, or at least I think so. 
AM tuner performance?
Perhaps you could suggest he locate the tuner well away from all other equipment & electrical fields & buy an AM loop antenna from Radio Shack. These basic steps will do wonders for reception with any AM tuner/radio/reciever. 
Sumo Andromeda II service available? will work on it, I think. 
Calculating composite wire gauge
Sorry, my last posting is incorrect. I should have used Cross-sectional area. 22AWG = 642.4 circular mils. 19AWG = 1,288. 642.4 + 1,288 = 1930.4. 17AWG is 2,048 so it's almost 17AWG. 
Calculating composite wire gauge
22AWG has a Standard Metric Size diameter of 0.63mm. 19AWG is 0.90mm. 0.63 + 0.90 = 1.53mm which is 14.5AWG. 
Top Audio Designers Of All Time?
James Bongiorno for his work at GAS, SAE, Sumo, etc. 
help with passive attenuator values
If they're going to be installed on the amp chassis you'll want 100K pots as they will replace the input load resistor. 
Harman Kardon Rabco Turntables/HELP
If I remember right there were 2 models. I had the cheap one & a friend had the more expensive one. His seemed pretty good however mine had a terrible problem with rumble. 
UPS insurance claim denial advice
Once I took a package to UPS, the clerk opened the package & inspected it to make sure it was adequately packed. She then slop taped it back together completely destroying my good packing job. Another time when she wanted to do the same inspec... 
TO be SET or to be OTL that is the ques.
I have the Transcendent OTL & Eric Barbour 811 SET. I much prefer the OTL. 
How are Van Alstine tube preamps?
Have had about all of them over the years. Original Super Pas(friend has Super Pas with buffers) Transcendence, 4i & Fet Valve. I get better sound from SCE Harmonic Recovery System than any of these. 
Sound of OTL Amps
I have Transcendent OTL & 811 SET. The SET sounds like a toy compared to OTL. If you like tube sound then consider Transcendent. Atma-Sphere is another fine amp but haven't heard it so can't comment. 
SCE Harmonic Recovery System
I have a Phillips CD-80 (using built-in volume control) driving a Transcendent OTL. Was hoping this unit may help some. Other preamps I've tried didn't seem to improve the sound any.