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audio research REF 150
@Pinkus -- is your reference (pun) to the Ref 180 a tongue in cheek quip, or is there a Ref 180 prototype out there? If true, I can't wait for it to come out for all the reasons Taters says.Pinkus is touting the much believed (but I believe undese... 
Benz Micro Wood SL - Repair or Replacement?
Ecosse...I broke the cantilever off of my Benz Micro Glider SL and I have been quoted about a year to have the retip done by Benz in Switzerland, so if you want to do a retip and want it more quickly, Soundsmith will be your best bet. The only iss... 
Need some help with Thiel CS3.5 crossovers
Chunkster...why not call Thiel and get them to help you identify and make recommendations on any other updates you want to make to the crossover. Gary Dayton (Customer Service) is excellent and very helpful with customer enquiries. 
Einstein The Tube vs Audio Reaserch REF5
Input impedance for your Manley Neo 500 Classic is 116Kohms via single-ended and 270Kohms via XLR at 1KHz (although it does dip down to 20Khz/38KHz respectively at 20Hz in the low bass region). You should be fine matching it with the ARC Ref 5SE, ... 
Esoteric dealers
You do know that an Esoteric dealer is going to tell you it sounds superb, don't you?Airegin...I am sorry but Tpreaves response was priceless :-) I would certainly concur. Perhaps also you may want to ask for a comparison to a piece of digital gea... 
Nola Boxer
ARC and Nola = very nice combo. If budget allows, go for the ARC VSi60. 
VPI Scout Question
The B-stock you are asking about (typically sold through online outlets like Audio Advisor, Music Direct, Acoustic Sounds, Needle are indeed cosmetic flaws that do not have anything to do with functional performance of the table.I woul... 
Recommendations for Amp/speaker combo for $10,000 you insist on preamp and amp separates or will you also entertain integrated amp? Also, are you talking about only new or would you consider used as well (obviously you can get more performance for your $10K if you are willing to buy ... 
Rockport Mira not Mira 2 vs. Monitor Audio PL300
I have heard the Rockports (Mira, Ankaa, Acquila, and Altairs). I have also heard Monitor Audio speakers in the $6K range (forget the model now) and just comparing house sounds, I much prefer Rockports. Rockports sound natural, tonally dense and l... 
Rockport Mira not Mira 2 vs. Monitor Audio PL300
No question, the Rockports. Monitor Audio is not in the same league as the Rockports. 
Audio Research HD 220
Flavio...I have the Thiel 2.4s and I use the Audio Research Ref 110 power amp, which is lower power than the HD220 and I have no problems driving the 2.4s, which are harder to drive than the 1.6s. I have not heard the HD220 but if the sound is any... 
Anyone hear the new Thiel 2.7 speakers at RMAF?
Thx Rgd. It looks like the 3.7 was demoed with Hegel. I found Stereophile's commentary on the 2.7 here:¬ís-new-cs27It looks like the ancillary equipment was:The CS2.7s were demmed with Aragon Iridium 400W mo... 
Anyone hear the new Thiel 2.7 speakers at RMAF? problem. Thx for sharing your thoughts. 
Anyone hear the new Thiel 2.7 speakers at RMAF?
Theo...thx for the feedback. Do you remember what source, pre, and amp(s) were used with the 2.7s? Thx 
Benz Ebony LP or Lyra Delos ?
Vicdamone...I am using a Benz authorized dealer and they were quoted this time by Musical Surroundings which is the US importer. Have you had a rebuild done in much shorter time recently?