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SACD or vinyl? Looking for great sound and mid $$
Hey Conscious, in my humble opinion you can get the visceral bass you desire with the P3. I have one with just a Grado Blue on it and it's not bad. One thing I'd recommend to improve the bass is the Expreemachining heavyweight counterweight and a ... 
Enough Gain?
Hey Marakanetz, so the Elys does not have a great bass response? This would be an issue for me with the .5 Magnepans, I want a catridge with a lot of bass to make up for the Maggies. I just recently moved to a bigger place and I think I might have... 
Enough Gain?
Thanks for all the advise. As far as moving coils are concerned I was thinking of the Dynavector 10*5 which is loaded at 47,000ohms, which I believe is what most MM's are loaded at? There was some for sell on Ebay for $215. The output is around 2.... 
Head Hunters?
Miles Davis Bitches Brew has always done it for me! Especially Sanctuary and Miles Runs Voodoo Down. Bitches Brew is awesome jam around 30 minutes long. 
bi wire ?????????
Hey Hall24, From my experience it does if your speakers or receiver specify. I have some Magnepan's and a Denon 3600 receiver, they both specify. For my receiver it was in the owner's manual which set was low and which one's were high. On the back... 
Jazz recommendations for a beginner?
Mrwigglewm is right. When I first heard John Coltrane's A Love Supreme, I was racing to the volume to turn it down. I was 16 at the time and had no idea how much my musical tastes were going to change. Eventually I fell in love with Coltrane and b... 
Vinyl pressing mistakes
I remember when I first got into vinyl a trip to New Orleans, to go to Jazz Fest. When away i like to check out local vinyl stores. So i happen on this one down in the quarter, a virtual jazz museum. At the time Coltrane was the shiznit for me, es... 
Where R U?????
Omaha, Nebraska. The only "hi-fi" store has recently gone all digital! 
How do you keep rb300 steady while levelling it ?
I just used a bottle of rat shack cleaning soluion to keep the arm from sliding back to it's holster. Then I bought an inexpensive digital scale at the local "head" shop to measure my tracking force, and turned the tracking force dial to "3". I fo... 
Remove spring from RB300
Twl tried emailing Basement i guess no response? 
RB300 Mod -OR- RB250 Mod, Which you feel is better
Kind of a tangent, but is the spring easily removed? I am a total newbie from the word go, but do like to experiment. Could one of you break down the procedure? 
Strange Tonearm Tweak. Long
Hey TWL are you still checking this thread? When you say you drilled into the bases are you talking about the lead weights? I would like to try this on my RB300. When you attached them did you just glue yhem on with super glue? 
Where does your user name come from?
And we have a winner Rgd, I wish I could give you a price but my 7.50/hr. job wont budge. Sorry for the delayed response, since I dont have a computer at home I'm stuck using the ones at work when everybody's gone home. Thanks Rel, I found the ref... 
Where does your user name come from?
"Warm smell of colitas rising up through the air" Name that tune