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Girlfriends and wifes, how do YOU cope?
It has been my experience that trying to cope (read supressing ones' desires/needs in order to avoid conflict) leads to hurt, anger, high blood pressure, depression, alcohol abuse, lawyers, and other bad things.On the other hand, doing what gives ... 
How did U get into this expensive hobby?
It's my dads' fault.In 1955-56 (?) my dad set-up a mono radio (on the ironing board), and we all sat between it and the TV, to watch/listen to Ed Sullivan broadcast a "stereo" television program. One of the sounds was Sputnik crossing between the ... 
Music for "Tough Times"
Supersession, with Mike Bloomfield, Al Kooper, and Stephen Stills. A couple of the cuts truely suck (Kooper gets self-indulgent on the organ), but the rest are as good as electric blues gets. 
clueless;Turn the table on the kids. Drag out David Bowies' Cha-Cha-Cha-Changes or Ziggy Stardust when they are around. The youngsters staring at the old man and wondering what else I haven't told them. The Fish Cheer and Fix'n to Die Rag by Count... 
Small Room, Move Often, Speaker Suggestions.
Much thanks to everyone! You have all given me suggestions and helped me to create a shortlist. I am going to audition the Talon Khites and the Merlin TSM-M's in about a week. If you'd like a report from a true newbe, I will be more than happy to ... 
Small Room, Move Often, Speaker Suggestions.
Danheather:My current source is the top of the line Onkyo DVD (single disc, I don't remember the model #, and I'm at work now), but I will be up-grading soon to either a Niam CDX or a ECM I MK II for digital. For analog I have a Thorens TD-520 nic... 
Best sounding preamp-amp for Paradigm Studio100v2
If you have a chance, audition the LFD Mistral SE. It is rated at 80 WPC and is very open, warm and tube sounding. Sam Tellig did a review on it and was very impressed. They retail for a little under $1,900.00. 
Are you an Audiophille or a Music Lover No.2 ?
I would up-grade my system (and while you were not looking, find more music). 
can speaker cables help?
In my experience, Soix is dead-on regarding speaker placement. It took me about two weeks of fiddeling (20 min per day after work) to get my set-up where I was satisfied. One problem, and it just might be me, after about 15 minutes of listening I ... 
Most achingly-beautiful music
J.S. Bach, Goldberg Variations (Glen Gould, first issue); Super Session, Al Kooper and Mike Bloomfield with Steven Stills; Helter Skelter, The Beatles (not achingly-beautiful, but if you are not moving, you must be dead).