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cheap high quality power strip
Highly recommended...Hammond Manufacturing Power Strip 
Best Blu Ray video and for 2 channel transport?
"In the end the one feature killing the total love on these machines is the fact it can't do the most simple function of saving the place on a DVD to return to it later!"Check out the Sony BDP-S550... problem solved!A fantastic player otherwise too. 
Top Jazz Albums of 2008
"The Art and Soul of Houston Person" is my pick.A 3-CD set with lots of standards (Porter, Kern, Ellington, Rodgers et al), well played and exceptionally well recorded. 
Black Raviolis
Adampeter,It's unfortunate that so many responders above are unfamiliar this product, yet willing contributors... use them to great effect:1) sandwiched between the chassis of ... 
Speaker shock absorbers
I have had great success with "Unhappy Balls". They work in this application to 1) absorb vibration 2) do so while remaining stiff. Halve the large size (1-1/2" Diameter) ones for a secure fit. 
Do you like Jazz?
Thanks for the heads up. 
Your local library
Great suggestion. I have found my local library a great resource for trying out unfamiliar stuff, be it an artiste or genre of music. 
My preferred 3 titles from this artiste..
Rar1I agree with including the redbook CD and SACD versions distinctions, and your use of numbers to replace the stars(can be difficult to count). Simplicity and consistency is key. Great list! I hope others will join in to to create a shared refe... 
My preferred 3 titles from this artiste..
#1: Shirley Horn - You Won't Forget MePerformance: *****Recording Q: *****#2: Shirley Horn - I Thought About YouPerformance: *****Recording Q: *****#3: Shirley Horn - Light Out of Darkness (A tribute To Ray Charles)Performance: ****Recording Q: *** 
My preferred 3 titles from this artiste..
#1: Keith Jarrett - Toykyo '96Performance: *****Recording Q: *****#2: Keith Jarrett - The Koln ConcertPerformance: *****Recording Q: *****#3: Keith Jarrett - The Melody At Night With YouPerformance: ****Recording Q: ***** 
My preferred 3 titles from this artiste..
#1: Wynton Marsalis Quartet - Live at Blues AlleyPerformance: *****Recording Q: ****#2: Wynton marsalis Septet - Live at Village VanguardPerformance: *****Recording Q: *****#3: Wynton Marsalis - Black Codes (From The Underground)Performance: *****... 
Ornette Coleman...
Warrenh,Glad to hear you are enjoying it too. Well, you already have one of two that I'd recommend, TSOJTC. The other would be something quite a bit different, 1960 Free Jazz (A Collective Improvisation). I expect to grab a copy of This Is Our Mus... 
Ornette Coleman...
Tomorrow Is The Question! has been in my regular rotation for past two months. What a well balanced and extremely approachable work. If only I had heard that one years ago, I'd be much further along. It has been only over the past year that I have... 
anybody know jazz
Very enjoyable pan(steel drum) played with a mixture of Jazz and Calypso influences...Ray Holman, "In Touch" (Ramajay Records). 
Do You Remember Your First CD Player?
No, I don't recall the name of the CD player, but the year was '84. I recall the size was an odd one, perhaps 2/3 the width of a typical modern player. Some of my earliest discs included Tricycle - Flim & the BBs, a Sheffield Labs sampler, Man...