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Mapleshade Steamer Kit.....anyone?
That's the problem. You can't get the steam hot enough to clean the vinyl without causing more stuff to leach out. Then you're just pushing the stuff around. Works great for engine blocks, though. 
Mapleshade Steamer Kit.....anyone?
I've also moved on, bought a PRC-4. 
Sirius radio quality vs redbook cd player
I gave it a try, got tired of the dropouts (it is line of sight to the sat, so signal is lost constantly around here. Then I put in a cd, listened to that for 5 minutes, never turned on sat radio again. I also had to fight them to turn it off. I h... 
Phono cartridge left / right output voltage differ
It is also mathematically correct to compute 20 log for each voltage and subtract the results. However, you have to get the decimal points correct for millivolt values. That was my mistake. Using the quotient method as Al posted avoids the pit I f... 
Phono cartridge left / right output voltage differ
Yes, Al and Dre win the cupie doll. I glanced past the milli. :-) 
Phono cartridge left / right output voltage differ
The difference is ~.1 dB. No, I don't think you can hear that. 
Ideal room dimensions for great system sound?
The ideal room dimensions would be none. But then, our home equipment isn't build for this and would sound quite small and lifeless.Build yourself a nice comfortable room, not square, as large as you can and try to keep that height after adding a ... 
Duped again
I'm a PF fan and have never bought one of these reissues. I have heard them, which only reinforced my belief that original releases are better. 
Help with turntable response anomaly
at what frequency do you detect the peak? 
Wayne Limited- Group Delay Filter????
HI Pat,this may only be test equipment being as it came from a prof. I doubt you'll find much use for it in your system unless you get into building speakers and stuff. But even then, there is so much available in pc software that I don't know if ... 
Wayne Limited- Group Delay Filter????
I believe they were used in recording, for one application, to ensure the signals from different channels would reach the tape with the same time delay, so that all sounds in sync. Hopefully, someone who used one before will chime in. If you play ... 
Have gun will travel
Paladin, Paladin, where do you roam? :-) 
Question About NORDOST cables
Try a pair of Clear Day Shotguns. I am using them now for the mid-bass in my system. They are every bit as good as the Nordost Valkyrja I use on the upper frequency drivers but not quite as extended. That's why the Clear Days run the low end and t... 
Help me with treating my room
First thing is that you have an issue with LF build up that is seen in the waterfall plot. Most all rooms have an issue like this but the graphs are really telling. Some kind of bass treatments should be used to reduce the "hang" time of those fre... 
Ungrounded power cord: Will I die?
I believe 20 mA can stop your breathing, 100mA is lethal. At that point, the argument of where the short is becomes academic. ;-)