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You know you're an audiophile if--
When you're obsessed with posting in audio forums. ;-) 
acoustic ceilings
Even with reflective or diffusion panels, there will still be that big space behind the ceiling. What was offered to me was that the best thing is to fill the perimeter of the ceiling with insulation and make one, big bass, trap out of the drop ce... 
Fed up with people making noise at classical shows
Think I'll stick with Tool concerts. :-) 
Smashing Pumpkins reissues
Saw them last year at Mohegan Sun. Just excellent! Billy showed up, if you get my meaning. :-) Now you guys reminded me I don't have any Pumpkin vinyl. 
What is your listening level?
After a while you get a feel for when your system it "overplaying" the room. Much like Sebrof, I know by what reaches my ears when volume is too much for the recording. I don't pay attention to the level that much, but when I have checked out of c... 
Active crossovers
With a line-level xover you will always need an amp on each channel. More specifically, you need amp inputs on each channel. I say that because a multi-channel amp would only work if it also had independent inputs on each channel. I use 2440's, EV... 
Balanced XLR to RCA Adapters: Good or Bad?
Al, I have used these adapters from several well respected audio names. I don't wish to list them cuz I don't want to imply that their products are defective. The adapters made for Doug are the best I've heard against the marketed products. The us... 
Balanced XLR to RCA Adapters: Good or Bad?
I'm going to leave the part about whether balanced is better than single ended at the tonearm for those who enjoy mental masturbation.As for using the adapters, Doug is right on. You will hear the degradation even if you use Rat Shack lamp cord. E... 
Pros and Cons of "Staying with" Analog and Vinyl
I don't know Peter. A few decades ago the whole world shifted to the digital side and from what I've seen it has only made analog reproduction stronger. I don't think a few hundred one way or the other will make any difference. Besides, if the OP ... 
Pros and Cons of "Staying with" Analog and Vinyl
Why would anyone care if Sunnyjim decides to listen to only to one medium? Seriously. Was he really asking or just wanting to start another stick poking episode? 
Tweaks such as demagnetizers ionizers for lp's
Half the price of the Talisman, way more effective.Hand held demagnetizer 
Vibraplane: Should it be loaded close to limit?
Peter, I just replied to your email. That looks really nice but I'm partial to black. :-) I see you answered my question about the total weight now on your VP. Your findings make sense regarding loading closer to max rating. IIRC, many iso devices... 
Conical horns whos using them and your opinion
I was going to build some prototypes. Then I read about the need for further crossover work with conical use and that project went on the back burner. I'm pretty happy with my tratrix salad bowls so I haven't had much motivation to revisit them. 
Turntable speed accuracy
Nice horns. Seems a real shame to produce all of that analog music and then run it through digital time domain processing. Sorry, the purist in me won't shutup. :-) 
At what volume do you typically listen?
Hey Swanny! I have 600watts tied to 112+ dB horns. Mine goes to 12! Almost never does, but it can. :-)Seriously, I agree with Buff, but it seems there is a consensus around 75 to 95 dB.