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Aragon Amps
I had both the Aragon 8008x3bb, 8008bb and 8008. These amps are well priced and performs very neutral across the entire spectrum. Noted for bass performance and build quality. The only flaw I found in the three amps is that they all make a slight ... 
Home theater advice?
Excellent choice of speakers. I am running Aerial 10t's front, CC5 and SR3 with EAD Powermaster 2000 amp in conjunction with Meridian processors (565/562v just sold). They are awesome in home theater and excellent in two channel. I've gone through... 
Vote for the best center speaker here
Aerial CC5. Awesome build quality and definitely better than the CC3b Stereophile Class A Center Channel. 
BAT VK-5i / Sonic Frontiers Line 2
Both are excellent tube preamps but have different sound characteristics. Sonic frontiers are known to be very neutral sounding, and coupled with the right setup, they will sound fantastic. However, on the other side of the spectrum, the VK5i is v... 
Power cord for Meridian 508.24
I've tried the Harmonic Tech and had great results this cdp. As a matter of fact, I tried several of them on all my meridians and seem to make a significant difference. Meridian 565, 562v, 518 and 508.24. 
AERIAL CC5 over CC3B? Worth it?
I finally bought the CC5. Let me tell you folks, there is nothing like this thing or beast. Its build quality and sonic performance is nothing less than stellar. It can easily, without strain, throw a large soundstage and does everything soooo wel... 
Best Silver ICs under 300?
Analysis plus silver line. Can be had for $300 used 
Survey-What is your most used source?
Ear plugs to keep my wife from yelling at me to turn it down 
cable selection, Analysis, MIT, Red Rose
Go check out www.audioasylum.com under the cable forum. Alot of info there. I currently have the A+ Oval 9 and find them better than the pair of JPS Superconductor+ I purchased. 
Best value for the buck speaker cables
I agree with Analysis plus oval 9. Better is the Silver series with presented a more realistic soundstage. 
Aerial, Dynaudio, Soliloquy, or ProAc s
For a couple of hundred dollars more, I would go with the Aerials 10t used. Excellent midrange... 
How to find rec.audio.marketplace
Last one turn the lights out!!!!! deja is dead.. no new postings 
Salamander Synergy Rack Experiences?
Bought the full rack setup and returned it the next day. It is beautiful to look at but when you actually insert the wood panels to the left, right and rear, it began to scuff the panels as you slide it into the rails. 
Is Cinepro any good?
Great for home theater. Feel every bullet piercing your chest. Had the 3k6 mkII and not very musical for two channel though! 
Help Need CD player for about 2k to 3k
EMC1 is an excellent choice but I feel that the Meridian 508.24 is slightly more detailed but lack the lushness of the EMC1.