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The Best Isolation/ Vibration Footers per component - what's your experience?
Sometimes I think most ppl here are crazy and that makes me sad. I had high hopes! It's all in your head! Putting footers under your amp or cd player does not make a difference. Science = if something can't be measured it ain't true!   
Cambridge CXN vs Bluesoune Node?
No one seems to be able to answer this question. New node vs cxn v2. What is the difference sonically speaking ONLY? I think node is just that good or CXN v2 may just slightly be better because of 2 Wolfson dacs 
New Bluesound Node vs Cambridge CXN v2 for High Res Streaming?
I dont think that is correct. CXN v2 supports full 192khz if available.  
Naim Supernait 2 vs Supernait 3
Thanks everyone for the replies! 
Wilson Audio Pedestal
Its mind boggling how easy it is to fool people and sell them stupid crap like this and become rich! A light bulb just went off in my head.. brb. 
Node 2i VS Lumin D2
Thank you for such helpful replies. 
Node 2i VS Lumin D2
I gave my bluesound to my brother. I am thinking of either getting a node2i for myself again but this time hooking it up to Chord Qutest OR I could just get a Lumin D2. Not sure yet but I may just end up getting the lumin -- that way I won't have ... 
Best way to measure an Amp's power capability
Awesome replies and very helpful. You are right. Its just hard to audition now a days but when I do I plan on listening to an amp at very low volumes FIRST. If the sound has PRAT with dead black background and good control then it's a good powerfu... 
Simaudio Moon 600i v2 VS Naim Supernait 3 for Dyanudio C20s
the simaudio moon 600i v2. Wasn't a fair comparison as the 600i is twice as expensive! 
Simaudio Moon 600i v2 VS Naim Supernait 3 for Dyanudio C20s
whats wrong with asking ppl on forums of what their thoughts are on A vs B? Not all watts are created equal. Its all about the current and the quality of power supply. For the 3rd time I listened to these two units weeks apart in different places ... 
Simaudio Moon 600i v2 VS Naim Supernait 3 for Dyanudio C20s
@motokokokokousanagiiiigabcdefghijklmonpPlease share rules for an open public form. How can I make this thread ’unstrange’ 
Simaudio Moon 600i v2 VS Naim Supernait 3 for Dyanudio C20s
@yeti42 - Different music played in different rooms with different room treatments so it is difficult to compare side by side.(if you reread my statement above). Both sounded great!What I want to know if power is going to be an issue with supernai... 
Subwoofer info
@mzkmxcv:So your saying a dodge hell cat would beat a 911 turbo s because it has bigger numbers? Fit and finish, built quality, handling would all be better in a doge than in a porsche because dodge has bigger numbers?  
Classe Sigma AMP5 or Rotel RMB 1585
makes sense! Thanks! I'll do more research and see if I could listen to both somehow 
NAD M27 or Parasound A31, which will sound better?
I am also thinking of buying a solid 3 channel amp. There arent many out there and A31 is on my radar. I am planning on moving my rotel rmb1075 amp to power my rear speakers and the new 3 channel amp would be powering the fronts. I have dynaudio c...