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What is the Best Sounding Stand Mount Speaker in the world?
Cabasse - La Sphère    Only stand mount that can keep up with  giant floorstanders      
Wilson Audio Haters
Yo "3D" BoMost modern systems should demonstrate 3-D. There is nothing special about it, plain physics and engineering (too bad 2D audiophiles are not getting this) . There is no special characteristics/parameters of the individual equipment that ... 
Speakers that will bring me down to me knees crying with joy
So...missing data in your quest-1. How big is your Room?2. What are the upstream equipment? Pre/Amps, DAC, Digital player?3. Ease of speaker placement?4. How much are you willing to spend?thoughts to consider-1. A whole system approach rather than... 
$1,000,000 Speakers - Hey, you never know.
I recently ran across these at $5 mil 
Wow .... €50K Headphones ... What next
These headphones prices seem like a blip on the radar when compared to this: $5 million 
Wow .... €50K Headphones ... What next
@ Schubert:Nothing astute about it.Just the fact that now there is the wide open gap. Difference b/w the the next highest priced headphones is around $5K, 1/10th the price. So, in the coming years, headphone manufacturers will be filling the gap. ... 
Wow .... €50K Headphones ... What next
@ InnaI bet they will sell a few ;) 
Wow .... €50K Headphones ... What next
@RoxyIt's an oxymoron, a variation of raising tide lifts all boats. I.e. Increasing prices. 
High Fidelity Cables -- A revelatory experience
I believe all of us climbing the "Penrose stairs" in audio 
Speaker Choice ?
Many questions remain unanswered.Are you alone for the music since you said family room.How do you like you music presented? Natural or pinpoint or both? Loudness?How much freedom do you have with speaker placement? I.e into the room.Music, media,... 
What speakers for 10k?
So.... Irrespective of this threads outcome, for all future customers..Just use Agons speaker search function to generate a list of potential speakers in this price range. Simple as that...Enough said!! 
What speakers for 10k?
Guys,Vapour or not, there were interesting facts brought into the discussion. Too bad there are no speaker manufacturers "actively" participating in this discussion. Someone needs to take a chill pill ;)As far as I can see, the WT design looks abs... 
What speakers for 10k?
Ah!!Finally some credible, and refreshing discussion. 
USB cable - dual head
Hi,The power cable can be disconned in DACs with their own power supply. It is however need in some for the initial handshake.The data lead also has the ground.Please make sure the cable has a bandwidth, I just bought a cable, and did not realize ... 
What speakers for 10k?
Ahem!Vapor audio! $10,000.00Rest of the Agon community is sitting still jaded? Or they just not interested input?!Just saying, there are a Truck load of choices out there, FYI some with the right mind(s), names at this level is irrelevant, but VAP...