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Pass Labs Xa60.8 Class A or should it be called class A/B?
Yeah, I read that too and understand that it's pure class A, but what's this transition to AB thing?  Do all class A amps have a peak transition to AB point or is this unique to Pass? 
Counterfeit Buddaheads?
Thanks, I just never heard of a recording adding  that sound. Cool that you compared  to Qobuz, I didn't  even  think of comparing to Tidal. 
Counterfeit Buddaheads?
My wife thinks that's the case as well. That makes more sense than anything else, but still seems strange to me.  But that explanation fits better with the rest of the album (You can hear the clicks and pops between tracks 1 and 2 as well, but I d... 
Funny how streaming/digital still chases that analog benchmark.
Mrbobm, tell us more about live streaming. What feed? What streamer, etc.. 
What is an easy way to convert wav files to Flac?
EAC is free and can rip CDs to WAV, FLAC, AND AIF (and others).  It can also be used to analyze and edit WAV files. It is simple to use and can convert WAV files to FLAC or AIF (my preference as you avoid on the fly decompression). It can also add... 
Can’t recommend ASUS VivoMini enough if you need Roon Core
Yeah, I figured as much, but uwiiks seems so excited about the Asus I thought I'd check it out. 
Can’t recommend ASUS VivoMini enough if you need Roon Core
Okay, I've been looking into the Asus. Which model did you buy and where did you get it (I'm finding everything is discontinued or out of stock). 
Can’t recommend ASUS VivoMini enough if you need Roon Core
I love the idea of connecting to TV via HDMI. Currently I run a synology NAS and Lumin U1 mini. I only stream Tidal or play files from my NAS using Android tablet and Lumin app to control.  What more would I gain by adding the ASUS VivoMini and Roon? 
Best Ethernet Setup for Streaming Audio
Kijanki, Where this USB power comes from? Computer sourced power is not better than wall wortThe output of the router is USB port on my router. I figured that side didn’t matter as it’s being cleaned by the optical transmission (probably not so tr... 
Best Ethernet Setup for Streaming Audio
Thanks Kijinki. Way over my head, but I appreciate the attempt. Relatve to FMCs adding electric noise, I found a small USB powered FMC thinking this would be less likely to add noise as it it doesn't need a wall wort. Any thoughts on this? 
Synology DS220j for high resolution files?
I can't imagine why it wouldn't. I have a DS218 and use it exclusively as a music server. 
Reducing my digital noise floor.
You could try placing a fiber media converter with SPF module at your router outlet. If your streamer has a fiber network connection, you’d connect a fiber cable between the SPF and streamer. If streamer only has ethernet port, you’d have to add a... 
Best Ethernet Setup for Streaming Audio
Fiber optics likely has slow transition edges, making it prone to electrical noise interference (that affect threshold point in time - hence creating jitter). Adding power conditioner would help.Kijinki, can you explain the above? How does fiber g... 
Best Ethernet Setup for Streaming Audio
I’d keep it with the two FMCs between the switch and your streamer. I have mine between the router and the streamer and it works well. The exception would be if your swtch has a SPF port. If that’s the case, you could do without one of the FMCs an... 
Lampizator Amber 3 DAC versus Primaluna EVO 100 DAC
Thanks for the feedback. I still haven't heard the Primaluna, but have stopped looking as I settled on a used Lampizator Golden Atlantic.  Love it and try to listen to something new every day.