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Just auditioned Martin Logan ESL vs 60xt
Maybe they weren't plugged in?  I'm not kidding.  I've seen them unplugged sounding like garbage, but just enough sound/high notes that some don't realize they're unplugged. 
DAC/Preamp Question
Thanks Audiotroy. I was beginning to think, nobody cared.  Interesting thought about cables though, that's the one area I've put the least effort into finding the right ones (simply too difficult to run A/B test in my set up).  Any suggestions on ... 
Any Four Freshmen lovers here?
You're good! That's a ton more than I've found. Thanks for digging into it.  
Any Four Freshmen lovers here?
Nothing on the run out. It just says "manufactured by capitalrecords inc. custom services."At the 33 1/3 RPM location, side one says PB-2503, side 2 says PB-2504. 
Any Four Freshmen lovers here?
Elizabeth - thank you.  I checked that site and found no mention of the album.JaybeThis album came from my uncle’s collection (he died in the mid-90s). My assertion that it’s rare is twofold: A) I’ve searched the internet and came up with nothing... 
Would switching amps make a big difference?
I currently have ML ESL 9s and  a Parasound A21+ amp.  I don't know the output impedance of the amp, but it seems to match well with the ML speakers.  Maybe someone else can confirm whether it's a good match by the numbers. 
Yggdrasil or iFi pro dac
So you've had this DAC for a few months, can you give a report on how it sounds?  Everything I've read said this is one of the best sounding DACs available.  Does it live up to the hype? 
Thinking of buying a new DAC - Shiit Yggdrasil?
Have given any thought to the Primaluna EVO 100? I like to hear a comparison between it and the Schiit. 
Primaluna evo300
Thanks.  I'm sure that combination sounds fantastic.  If you ever try the Primaluna preamp with a SS amp, I'd like to hear a report on that as well. 
Primaluna evo300
What Amp are you using? 
Power Cable ~ $300 - Which to get? Nordost, Audioquest, Furutech, Shunyata, Zavfino?
From looking at their web site, it appears that Synergistic Research no longer manufactures the Master Coupler; however, they do make the UEF Red AC Power Cord that retails for $299 (1M).  Anybody have this one or comment on it?