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DCM Time Window 7 - AMP & PREAMP
DCMlover - how appropriate! you gotta send me a couple of pictures of the lineup. How much would they be worth to you? I know 2 people who have a pair all 3 of us bought them together, I accidentally discovered them and everyone followed me. Give ... 
Orb Speaker...Need your opinion
HI Internetmin, I got the orbs for a couple of reason. They did get very good reviews both from critics and everyday users. Also due to size and foot print, they’re the perfect fit for me at the moment and should serve me well for the next 5yrs or... 
Reasonably priced integrated to power KEF Q65.2?
Check out Emotiva amps....lots of power great quality and low price ..there are a few items on eBay..u just may be able to listen to the audiophile inside you afterall :)..... 
Need an affordable home theater system ?
Check out www.emotiva.com. check out their forums too for dime info.Good Luck :) 
Need an affordable home theater system ?
Check out www.rmotiva.com. check out their forums too for dime info.Good Luck :) 
Speaker cable recommendations please
Marqmike, So I got curious and went back and checked my cable, Printed on the cable says: "Monster Cable High Resolution Speaker Cable with Duraflex insulation". big fat 12 AWG cable. I purchased the 100' spool from Fry's Electronic for about $120... 
Speaker cable recommendations please
How about the 12 gauge Monster cables you can buy in a roll of 100' at Radio Shack with some gold inter connectors? ..no good? 
long speaker cables or IC's for budget system
Wow ...so the conventional wisdom is shorter speaker cable?....I ve had 40foot spsaker cables all along...but not visa versa :)...something to think about 
What is the best DAC under $500?
I have the Emotiva XDA 1 DAC and couldn't be happier. I am using it w/my Rotel RCD 991 ae CD Player. Even connected to the computer @ 16 bit, it brings everything to life. And you can't beat the value. If you want Tube, I think Jolida has somethin... 
Finally saved 3000 what is a good setup.
www.emotiva.com pre amp: usp 1 Cd: ERC 2Amp: XPA 2 Speakers of your choice.... w/the Emotiva setup you're goanna get awesome SS setup with 5 year warranty and 30 days in home trial. They even have speakers, and the quality is great, don't let the ... 
Do I need a DAC?
You don't "Need" one, but do you want one? if you do, then keep in mind that you already have a pretty high end CD Player as it is, along w/a superb Pre Amp...I guess what I'm trying to say is, Make sure you "UPGRADE" and not downgrade. And that w... 
Will be satisfied with a Denon AVR 3805S
I checked it out and If you don't care for HDMI connection...I'd say it's a steal! you're going to get plenty of power, you'll be able to bi amp speakers and you have outputs for external AMPS and you have Direct Pass through should you decide to ... 
Please Advise me on Building a System on a Budget
Check out Emotiva, They’re Direct Seller to public you can read about their gear here. Their amps are incredible and can drive any speaker. If I were you, I’d go w/Emotiva’s gear, you’ll get matched products with 5 year warranty and good resell va... 
Sound difference between SET & SEP
Hi...I apologize for asking this..but what is SET and SEP?I've red about them both, but don't know what they mean.Thank you in advance.Doc. 
DCM Time Window 7 - AMP & PREAMP
Thanks Hifihvn ...very cool and informative stuff :-) Everyone have a Merry Christmas