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Grant Fidelity B-283
I've been looking at this too, actually a solution like this. but at the same time I'm torn between B-283 and the P-307 Pre Amp. Technically for just a little more you end up w/a Pre Amp. Any thoughts? 
DCM Time Window 7 - AMP & PREAMP
Okey all this is very good stuff...learning more than I had bargained for. So mg next question is : what is this DB rating that speakers come With. What am I being told that a speaker with 92 DB is better than a speaker with 87db? 
DCM Time Window 7 - AMP & PREAMP
Ooo..This is neat stuff.. Thanks :) 
DCM Time Window 7 - AMP & PREAMP
Hifihvn, thank you for all the information you've provided. I understand your logic and make sense to me. I've for now left the amp in non bridge mode and am enjoying it the same. going through some more CD's. My next smaller system will be all Tu... 
Top Ten Speakers of All Time?
DCM Time Window 7 Signature Series. These are rare, since there were only 200 matched pairs ever made...I have one and know where 2 more are :) 
DCM Time Window 7 - AMP & PREAMP
Hifihvn, I did some testing. for starter the THX gain on the back is set to 50%. I turned off the MONO mode but still left the connection in bridge mode style (speakers connected to the positive posts only)...all its happening is the sounds level ... 
Emotiva UMC-1... Still a science-lab affair?
I have just taken delivery of the XDA-1 DAC. My system consists of: Denon AVR 3300Rotell 991 Audiophile Edition x Carver a500x amps (mono modeDCM Time Window 7 (signatures)Monster power source the XDA made a HUGE difference in my digital music, al... 
Advice on sub for DCM Time Windows
I have the DCM Time Window 7's w/a B&W ASW 750. The Sub is a great compliment to the speakers it fills up the room and lows w/out overpowering anything, you feel the base, the house shakes, but everything else sounds great too. I am driving th...