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Balance knob ..
Just use the balance control. That is what it was designed to do...correct the balance with no drawbacks. 
Upgrading Maggie MGIIIa's to 3.7i - worth it?
The IIIa’s have the largest bass surface area and lowest bass of any of the Magnepan 3 series.I use them in my home theater setup and could not be more pleased.I suggest you keep them since they have been rebuilt and are essentially new. 
Should I replace capacitors in an old but working amp?
Just replace the electrolytic power supply caps first after 20 years.Film, mica, and non electrolytic capacitors can last for “almost forever”and I would not replace them.If the equipment sounds like new, it is not time to do any repairs. 
AppleTV high noise floor / better alternative?
Let me add a little clarity on using the Apple TV box with a stereo system audio playback.Do not use the audio output on the Apple TV box due to the poor d/a converter in the Apple TV box.Connect the Apple box to the TV set via HDMI cable. Then in... 
AppleTV high noise floor / better alternative?
I have an Apple TV 4 and it is dead silent. I use the Amazon music app which is CD or higher audio.I also stream the Berlin Philharmonic, VEMEO, Radio Paradise, and the MET Opera, which are all CD or higher quality audio apps on Apple TV.Use an et... 
Schiit Yggdrasil vs. Gungnir
I have the current Gungnir Multibit 5 and could not be happier.Warmer sounding than the Yiggy. 
New Magnepan "Concept Speaker" introduced at Audio Connection
The open question is how much will they cost?The 30.7 sounded poor in 3/4ths of the road trip demos, and 2 years later how many dealers have sold even one pair?The top Magnepans (30.7 and 20.7) are not even on demo at most all the dealers.If Magne... 
Value of mint condition first pressing of Sgt. Pepper?
Too many non record collectors over estimate the value of used records.If the record is worth less than $50 it is not even worth selling.You have to run an ad , pay fees, buy a shipping box, hassle with price, etc.Very, very few records are worth ... 
Recommendation for an audiophile speaker cord that is not "bright"?
The Wilson’s are what is bright!Switch to a less bright speaker. 
Eh hem!...Subwoofers... What do ya know?
WOW!What a bunch of total bass freaks!My magnepan 3.6’s drop off at 30 Hz and sound great. Bass quality has a lot to do about power amp quality. You can not be a cheapskate.How much musical info is below 30 anyway?To hear sound below 30 you need w... 
A note from Magnepan about the "30.7 for Condos" tour
Magnepan does not have clout with big buck buyers and their top speakers never sell like Wilson or Magico and never will.I think Magnepan is worried that they will never make money in the extreme high end.The 20.7 sold a few and the 30.7 hardly so... 
At what price point do I run into diminishing returns on an MC Cartridge?
IMO the arm/cartridge setup has to be spot on to get any more quality after $3k.Sound quality is very subjective anyway. 
Another Analog v. Digital Thread? Not Really
The OPPO is known to be a "dry" sounding player.There are many warm, analog sounding, newer D to A converters being made today, that match LP playback.Many consumers are just not aware of them!  
A note from Magnepan about the "30.7 for Condos" tour
"They’ve been burned in the past by products that were great and got great reviews, but that dealers didn’t carry and people didn’t buy."That is totally, the stupid dealers fault! All the dealers should carry and stock the larger models, or they w... 
A note from Magnepan about the "30.7 for Condos" tour
Magnepan has been around for years, and they can certainly do without focus groups!The tour for a product in development is totally unneeded.They can do this in house just fine.This is a sign of trouble with the upper management of the company IMO.