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Is it ok to stack LPs horizontally?
Keep them upright to prevent warping.  Angled storage will eventually lead to warping as will laying flat due to the weight of other albums on top. Safe to lay flat, I suppose, if you only had 2-3 in each stack, but you would either need a very la... 
Dedicated 20 Amp Line for Audio
A question I would ask is what amp are you using?  Difference between a 8 watt tube and a 500 watt ss can determine if you want to go with 14g My advice is 12/2 (likely will not hurt your hands) and will cover all amps RFI is everywhere (if you ... 
Best DAC / Budget
A little above your budget ($3500 with PSU) but I feel a VERY analog soundExogal Comet.  I searched for a DAC with more analog sound and found this very satisfying.  Well built.My two cents 
Horn speakers , high efficiency but not “shouty”
I own a pair of Rethm Saadhana.  Have a Supratek pre and First Watt SIT3 amp.Wonderful sound that is easily listened to all day with no fatigue.  They dont use Lowther horns, but rather a house designed horn that I have never noticed to be harsh o... 
First Watt SIT-3 preamp pairing advice
I have to put another vote in for the Supratek.  I have the Cortese LCR.  I drive Rethm Saadhana (100 dB sensitivity).  Cant say enough about the sweet sound.  I prefer analog, but do listen to a lot of Qobuz/Tidal due to me limited vinyl collecti... 
Some DACs I am Considering-Any thoughts?
Not a tube, but I own the Exogal Comet (with supratek Cortese pre and First watt SIT-3 Amp). VERY analog sounding.  Surprisingly so.  Slightly above your price at $3000. And IMO worth 3500 to get the PSU upgrade 
Preamp choices:Short list
SUPRATEK has balanced in their preamps.  Beautiful sound 
Speaker upgrade for classical music
Probably obvious, but I live in the Midwest and have always found Gestalt HiFi in Santa Fe more than helpful.  I have even purchased a few items from them.  Great customer service and knowledgable.  And in your state at least 
Looking for a vinylesk sounding DAC
May I suggest the ExoGal Comet?  I think very vinyl sounding 
Supratek Owners Thread
Mine took weeks.  Make sure you track online.  When gets to US and is in customs clearance stage, call DHL and ensure they have all the info they need.  They didn't have my social security number (No idea why they needed it) and my Supratek got sh... 
seeking ‘HORN’ ideas apart from Klipshc Lascalla
Check out the Rethm line.www.rethm.comI own the Saadhanas, and owned the Maarga in the past (they have recently been redesigned). IMO, best speakers I have heard for the price (and even some higher priced) 
Jazz vocalists which may not be as real as we think/imagine
Eva Cassidy 
A warm DAC?
I had the Chord Qutest but thought was a little too analytical for me (in my system)I love the ExoGal Comet (slightly above your price at 3000, or 3500 with linear PS) but magical and very analog sounding (again in my system) 
Suggestions for $2k budget
ELAC Carina 
My Demo results: I feel like I'm at a frustrating block in my speaker journey
I agree, sounds like maybe upstream problem.On the flip side, have you considered any horn speakers? I have no $ interest but at Atelier 13 Audio in Nashville (I have purchased equipment from Constantin there and he is a wonderful shop owner and h...