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Mark Sammut is ill. Does anyone know how to give support
Thoughts and prayers to Mark 
Demo'ing Class A amps, Appreciation Suggestions from those who recently been there
I would try First Watt SIT-3.  I think you might really enjoy it.  Almost tube like in sound and simply beautiful.  Reno HiFi allows in home demos.   
Visiting audio stores?
assetmngrsc:Yes, there are pneumonia vaccines, but they only protect one from Streptococcus pneumonia. And one specifically for H flu.  There are many types of pneumonia: bacterial, mycoplasma, fungal and other less common types. A short list of s... 
Visiting audio stores?
dwmaggie - prayers with you.  Stage 1 laryngeal cancer highly survivable asvjerry - don't forget Boeing.  Great deal :)Stay safe, all 
Visiting audio stores?
From an Italian Doc: [exerpts]Lessons Learned from the Front Line of the COVID-19 Outbreak in Northern Italy: An Emergency Physician’s Perspective:Andrea Duca, MDEditorial Board, Emergency Medicine Practice Attending Emergency Physician, Ospedale ... 
Visiting audio stores?
I am an ED doc in a very large urban teaching hospital (Wash U/Barnes Jewish in St Louis)This is a serious disease. Death rate (using worldwide data) is 10x that of the flu. So using numbers given by Mrmb, that is a half million deaths. But those ... 
+1 mijostyn+1 nobel100Innuos Streamers are another great choice to store all your CDs digitally. Doesn't have a built ins DAC if you don't need one.  Roon compatible.  About same price as Lumin 
Rethm Maargra Speaker: High efficiency, very easy impedance, built for SET amps.
I have owned a pair of Maarga which I thought sounded very detailed (and no cabinet vibration) Actually sold them and bought a pair of the Saadhana (top of the line in Rethm speakers) and have been nothing but amazed. I drive them with a 24 watt A... 
does MacBook Pro need a DAC?
If money is an issue, you can get Audirvana for $79.00  It is a vast improvement on the built in DAC.  I have an external DAC in my main system and use a Innuos Roon core, but when I travel I can even hear a huge difference using my MacBook Pro an... 
You could work for any manufacturer, past or present...
Perfect, I am in Illinois where recreational is legal and Master Kush is 86% THC - might not even need the time machine 
You could work for any manufacturer, past or present...
1++++ millercarbonHell, I might just like to hang with Millercarbon 
Amplifiers weight
Possibly just above your price point, but have you considered a tube amp such as the Audion KT120? Should easily drive your Klipsch and include the toroidal transformers in 36 pounds (if weight is not a selling point for you) All Class AIf you are... 
You just won a $5,000 audio gear only gift card
AUDION Premier 2.0 Line Preamplifier / MM 
Considering getting a CD player (again). Used? New? Criteria?
A little more than you list (but can get used about your price when they are available)Innuos zen mini ($1250)Can load all your CD into the zen and stream from your phone.  Buy used CD, download and sell back for more CDs.  Can stream thru it. has... 
++1 soix2