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Forgot (for good reason) my investment in Bose Bass Module and 4 Satellite cubes to address the WAF  
--Genesis 2's in the 80s (Yamaha amp) --The Lost Decade --Soliloquy 5.0 2000 (Rotel amp followed by Cayin EL34 tube amp) --Hornshoppe Horns 2005 (Almarro 318b tube amp) --REL Sub 2007 (sold in 2010) --Reference DeCapo 3As--2010 (Cary 300b in ... 
Mytek Brooklyn Bridge II
The HEM company in Poland that they split off of I bet could fix it. They have actually put out a software release subsequent to what the official Mytek has released. My guess is that in addition the split and underlyign financial reasons, Michal ... 
Recommendations for against the wall high efficiency speakers
@noodlyarm There is at least 1 Audio Note dealer in South Florida. You can find all their US dealers on the Audio Note website.  
Recommendations for against the wall high efficiency speakers
Another vote for Audio Note. I have the AN-E Spe-He's  
Cadenza Bronze on a Fatboy
Not sure why anyone would play a warped record at 45 RPM on a $2,000 cartridge but maybe that's just me.  I have used a Cadenza Bronze on my VPI Prime (standard arm) for 2 years and play exclusively older records from the 50s-60s and never had a p... 
What would my Rega 25 be worth?
I got $800 for my P5 including the Groovetracer upgraded platter and TT PSU .   
Phono Preamp suggestions $2000 (pre-rabbit hole tire kicking edition)
I enjoyed my Graham Slee Accession MM phono-pre for a number of years before I just switched to the MC version. 
Audio note 300b tube upgrade suggestions
Any opinions on the black treasure shyuangs?  I am running the Gold Lions in my Cary 300 SEI whcih I am happy with but also wondering what is a step up? 
Review Almarro 318B
Plangco:Where did you get the new speaker posts? Where they hard to install? 
Blue Note Lacquers, Mothers, & Stampers
From what I know on this subject (which unfortunately is alot though I can't remember my wife's birthday) is that there is no mother/stamper/lacquer, etc. identifications. Please remember that BN pressed very few records by the Pop/Rock standards ... 
What are you using to clean LP album covers?
Lysol disinfecting wipes for odors, etc.I also clean up glossy, laminated covers with the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser sponge. 
Rega P5 Benz Micro Glider, Ace, or Stay w/Exact?
I have a P5 and all I listen to is 50-70s jazz. I would also recommend the Dynavector 20XH if that option exists for you. I have also heard good things about the Benz. 
Good Sound Quality From 10 Inch Records?
Nope.My experience is the material used on those 10" is different from the vinyl from the mid-50s onwards used on LPs.It seems much more brittle and easier to scratch, hence the poorer sound on average. 
Speaker Choice for Almarro 318B
I have the 318B and just ordered a pair of the Hornshoppe Horns (www.hornshoppe.com). The price is $850 delivered from Ed Shilling who makes them.They have gotten good reviews on 6moons and other sites. Srajan at 6moons also thought the Horns and ...