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Where do audiophiles retire?
Does Anyone Offer Audio Mods For A Mac Mini?
Alfe,got all my music on an external HD and everything else on internal SSD. 
Does Anyone Offer Audio Mods For A Mac Mini?
Steve, tried to download the guide but it runs on IPAD only and not on my IPOD touch or mini... 
Does Anyone Offer Audio Mods For A Mac Mini?
Alfe,what kind of USB converter are you using?Anyone has tried the audio optimation guide mentioned by Steve who is using Audirvana? 
Does Anyone Offer Audio Mods For A Mac Mini?
Thanks Steve. This does not answer my question. Already installed a SSD but still running on 2 GB of RAM. Using Auidirvana which supposedly does all the audio optimation of OSX. Do I still need this ibook? 
Does Anyone Offer Audio Mods For A Mac Mini?
Wondering why a high end power supply makes any difference assuming one is using a USB-SPDIF converter which runs on a dedicated power supply or battery like some high end models do these days. I always thought the only thing that benefits from cl... 
Any Audirvana Plus enthusiasts out there?
Just recently started using my mini with Audirvana as a music transport. One thing that surprised me is that although I clicked the option disable spotlight, time machine etc all these things still work when playing music. Is that normal?Another q... 
how to get the remote app on iPod touch to work??
thanks. the problem was a simple one I read somewhere after this post. turn off the firewall. now the app works fine! 
how do i get my mac minito recognize my usb-spdif
Yes, there was a driver missing and jkenny has send me a download link. All works fine now. thanks! 
how to turn a late '09 mini on the cheap into some
Thanks Drubin. Maybe I skip the SSD until finances improve. A friend suggested to use Audirvana which to his ears sounds better than PM and is cheaper too. Will start to download the trial version.He is selling his Hiface 1 Jkenny modded with exte... 
Avantgarde Uno 2.0, 2.1
The problem with bass integration has to do with time delay. the subs starts around 2 ms behind the horns. Look at the last stereophile review of the uno nano (in particular the step response).Only way to fix it (besides removing the subs from the... 
Mundorf silver /oil /gold vs Duelund CAST
It would have been interesting to know how much of breakin both caps had when you did that comparison.Anyhow, I once replaced Mundorf silver/gold (not oil) which had more than 1000 hours on them with teflon v-caps in my Omega Duos tweeter xo and t... 
Capacitor log Mundorf Silver in Oil
I meant the mundorf silver/gold in comparison to the teflon v-caps I installed in my omega duos in early '07.I agree with you that most companies use caps of lower quality than the mundorfs in their expensive speakers. Imagine how much such speake... 
Capacitor log Mundorf Silver in Oil
Chadeffect,don't remember the name of the stuff. Did do that tweak in 2001 in Germany. It was some stuff car audio guys use to dampen panels inside the car. 1 was app. 1mm thick black bitumen with one side with aluminium foil for heat protection I... 
Capacitor log Mundorf Silver in Oil
with adhesive tape