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If Conrad Johnson still made a DAC it would sound like??
How about one of the older PS Audio Directstream DACS?  
Tube preamp match with Solid Stare amp
Also a Backert Labs fan...currently have a Rhumba Extreme 1.3 and sounds beautiful with either my Pass Labs or Levinson amps.  
Looking for intermediate-step Streamer: better than BS Node and not @ Bartok level pricing
+1 on Innuos...I have the Zen Mini/LPS and it's a great combo.  I upgraded from the BS NODE.  
Tube Preamp, uses 6sn7/6sl7. With or Without Phono; With or Without Remote Volume,
Cary SLP-98L or Don Sachs  
Recommendations for against the wall high efficiency speakers
I recently moved up the Zu line from Soul VI to Druid V (not VI).  Outstanding speakers from a value/performance perspective...and they have a great WAF.  I'm thinking of selling my Soul VI if you're interested.  
Used PS Audio Items
I'm a very happy, loyal PSA customer!  
Can I Trust The Music Room's Product Description?
I’ve had great experiences with TMR...multiple purchases and a few seamless returns after the trial period.  
Poll: Most impactful component
For varying reasons,  I toggle back and forth between a PrimaLuna integrated and Pass amp/Cary preamp combo.  I also recently upgraded from a NODE/Qutest (w/ SBoosters) combo to an Innuos Mini/PSAudio combo.  Zu speakers are the constant.  Nordost... 
Integrated SET...
I've heard good things about this integrated... https://trueaudiophile.com/audion-silver-night-2a3-set-anniversary-stereo-hard-wired-amplifier/  
Ultimate test of bass - Lana del Rey's A&W
Service:  Quobuz Album:  Wood Arrist:  Brian Bromberg 1st track My reference for bass management...  
Pass Labs Speaker Choices
Various front end ---> XA25 ---> Zu Soul VI (w/ smaller REL sub) = just right for me.  
Streamer Upgrade Bluesound Node To Aurender N10
Will be interested hear your impressions of the Aurender UI vs BluOS.  I tried the Aurender and returned to the Node 130 (with the PDCreative/SBooster upgrade) to Qutest.  Just didn't love the Aurender UI for the $$ delta...and no option to eventu... 
DACs that do well without a preamp
I just purchased a pre owned NAD C658 to pair with a Pass XA25.  Had low expectations...but am very surprised at excellent SQ and simplicity of system.  
2-3k budget - adding DAC/Server to Bluesound Node?
I'm continuing to evolve.  Currently use a NODE into a Mytek Manhattan II DAC.  Will likely upgrade NODE to an Innuos streamer once new models are launched.    
Another person going digital and full of questions
1.  Started with the Node using internal DAC...sounded great 2.  Added a Qutest (w/ SBooster) to the Node...sounded better 3.  Tried Aurender N150 with Qutest... didn't notice improvement in SQ and didn't love Aurender OS vs BluOS. 4.  Currentl...