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Reviewing the fabulous Silversmith Fidelium Speaker Cables
Yeah, I'm making a fortune on this gig.  I'm totally biased, compromised, a lying charlatan, a mountebank, a fraud. Hopefully you won't try the cables so I can relish in the fact that you'll never enjoy them.    
Speaker cable shootout Townsend Audio Fractal F1, Fidelium, AA Statement e SC Cryo rhodium
I don't know if the Fidelium is the world's best speaker cable. It remains the best cable I've ever heard.....  
Reviewing the fabulous Silversmith Fidelium Speaker Cables
bjesien,The comparison you requested.https://silversmithaudio.com/blog/customer-feedback12/ 
Reviewing the fabulous Silversmith Fidelium Speaker Cables
quanghuy147,These cables are not fragile at all.Since they are metal they will bend if pushed too hard, but under normal use will pose no problems.And they sound GREAT! 
Audio Companies with Integrity??
Dan Wright - ModwrightJeff Smith - SilversmithAndy Bouwman - Vintage Tube Services 
Tube Preamp - What to buy?
I own a ModWright SWL 9.0 Anniversary Edition Pre Amp.Couldn't be happier!Very tweakable and responds well to tube rolling.It uses the 5687 tube which has MANY variants to choose from.Has my highest recommendation...... 
Reviewing the fabulous Silversmith Fidelium Speaker Cables
Glory dunno know due to the fact he never auditioned the cables..... 
Considerations prior to your next purchase
I'm 71.Right ear hearing = 14.5 KHzLeft ear hearing = 15.5 KHzDon't ask why my right ear is worse.... 
New silversmith fidelium cable
Are these two mono Amps you're talking about?If so, I think there's plenty of room to hook up the Fidelium Cables.They are bendable across their 2" dimension. 
New silversmith fidelium cable
Or in the case of this website, a link.... (if possible) 
New silversmith fidelium cable
Pauly,I think the majority of Amps can accommodate this cable with a little effort.They do have adaptors for those hard to fit Amp outputs.Why don't you post a picture of your Amp's outputs to get our suggestions. 
New silversmith fidelium cable
OK Glory1,I'll correct myself.I don't believe you auditioned OR owned the Fidelium cable.... 
Speaker Cables? why all the hype for expensive speaker wire?
Still ANOTHER vote for the Fidelium.Guess my ears are defective....... 
Which subwoofer?
I assume you listen Nearfield.I have a 13' X 13' room and use three subs.It works nicely because of the Nearfield listening method.Also definitely recommend stereo subs. 
CD Player Tweak
paul,First you have to measure the size of the applied sheet(s).Then you have to cut them.Then the serious roller pressure needed to correctly apply them.If you're not working hard with that roller, they are not correctly applied!Multiple, stacked...