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Emotiva UMC-1... Still a science-lab affair?
I was not happy with my Emotiva processor experience. Very buggy and not intuitive operationally. As a company though they did honor a return with full refund.When I crashed my Anthem AVM-2 moving I chose to go with an older Merdian 561 which as o... 
Help with a first tube amp Please
Exercise care in your choice of tubes the amp uses. Power tubes can have very different sonic characteristics. I love tubes but am not a fan of EL-34's. For all the lush midrange I find flabby bass and rolled off highs. My preference in push-pull ... 
Replace pwr cord w/IEC socket on vintage gear?
It it helps there are IEC pigtails that can be purchased. They use the same or slightly larger hole from the original cord for connection to the internal wiring and allow after market cord connections minimal alteration of the vintage component ca... 
Manley or Rogue?
Manley in a walk away 
Atma Sphere S30-Whats the best Power Tube?
As the owner of Atma-sphere M60 mkII.3's I find the the RCA 6AS7 available and not to pricey. They sound much better than the stock Russian tubes. In speaking with Ralph Karsten he indicated the amps probably had a somewhat greater power output wi... 
Steely Dan - Countdown to EcstacyJackson Browne - For EverymanLinda Rondstadt - Living in the USADave Grusin - Two for the RoadEric Fernandez - Magic Gypsy 
Best tube mono blocks under $15,000?
Atma-sphere MA-1's should give you everything you need as well as heat your home. As with all amps speaker match is very important.Power rating: 150 watts/channel into 8 ohms/145 watts into 4 ohms Power bandwidth: 2 Hz - 75 kHz within .5 dB Freque... 
Perfect Debute Albums
de·but   /deɪˈbyu, dɪ-, ˈdeɪbyu, ˈdɛbyu/ Show Spelled[dey-byoo, di-, dey-byoo, deb-yoo] Show IPA –noun 1. a first public appearance on a stage, on television, etc. 2. the first appearance of something, as a new product. 3. (of a young woman) a for... 
Band with highest success/talent ratio?
KissForeignerBad Company and the bands I never "got" - while certainly successful I feel limited talentGreatful Dead and Springsteen 
Vandersteen 4
So why is number 4 bad luck but twice 4 or number 8 is considered a good luck number. Wouldn't it be twice the bad luck? Just sayin' 
meridian 561
Yes you can. Mine is running into a Parasound 1205a. Bought the Merdian used very cheap ($200) for a surround processor when my Anthem AVM-2 was damaged beyond repair. It has paired with the Parasound and a Denon DVD happily for over a year. 
When have A/B comparisons led you astray?
Only after I got married. 
"What's Your Best Price?"
What's your best response??? 
"What's Your Best Price?"
Jb2K - Based on your logic the seller is also worse off because they missed a chance to have a successful negotiation because his feelings got in the way. The approach is insulting only if you take it so. If you assume that the person has no skill... 
"What's Your Best Price?"
Generally I only care if an item is available to buy for a price I am willing to pay. But why someone is selling can sometimes be used as leverage to make a better deal if you are mercenary in your buying.