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Yamaha SCD2100 cd/sacd. Built in dac amazing sound and soundstage, well built. Higher end transport.  
Upgrade to McIntosh
All Mac. amps are U.S. hand made in Binghamton,N.Y. Parts are probably made in china and places around the world. But thats with every stereo manufacturer. As for your post . I'm using MC70 tube preamp thats a reintroduced MC22. Power is a SS MC45... 
can you download yamaha steinberg usb driver to my Ipad 7
My son said go to the source, the Apple store . Wasted a few days on this. I wanted to send my music through the Dac on my CD2100 it has 9016 chip. Great sound shame to waste it. The usb cable, audioquest carbon was way overpriced but had good rev... 
tube pre & ss amp integrated
I have a similar system , MC452 and Klipsch Cornwall IV's. I purchased a MC70 tube preamp used, but fairly new. What a difference, sound staged doubled in size was very happy with the change and sound . I'm sure there are other tube pre's out ther... 
Which pair of speakers changed your Hifi life?
If you have the room, and a decent amp. Cornwall IVs can make you giggle   
Soundstage and image height, does it exist?
Without reading any of the posts, I've decided this post is nonsense. Obviously if you have ears and decent equipment this post is moot. I'm  fairly new to autophila Started with 1 adcom and added another, bi-wired in stereo. They had a nice sound... 
Can a great system make a mediocre recording sound good?
A great system makes good recordings, sound amazing. Listening to anything not meeting that standard, will be played once and put back in its case. never to be heard again. Once you hear what you think is perfect, how can you listen to anything le... 
MC901 monoblock tube matching Q
Nice the dream team 901's and C1100  
klipsch cornwall iv upgraded crossovers
What do these baskets slip over the originals I think I know the old ones don't come off right   
klipsch cornwall iv upgraded crossovers
Being a newbie, Reading the post I would think damping the cones. Just curiosity,  what and where is the metal woofer box.   
klipsch cornwall iv upgraded crossovers
The upgrades are better quality caps and resistors and others . There's only one guy doing them that I could find on ebay . His reviews are good. He upgrades a lot of top brand speakers, they  loved the upgrades . Problem is no reviews for the IV'... 
klipsch cornwall iv upgraded crossovers
Oz I emailed Don Sachs.com went out for an hour. Checked when I got home he had already responded . You were right good guy took the time to answer my question . Thanks  
klipsch cornwall iv upgraded crossovers
The speakers are 7 months old about 70 to 100 hours on them. I'm new to the craziness.I paired the VI's  with an old yamaha DSP1 not good . Found an old  ADCOM555 made the dsp1 a preamp.  Better but still not happy. Always liked MC got a tube prea... 
klipsch cornwall iv upgraded crossovers
Thanks I will check out his website   
klipsch cornwall iv upgraded crossovers
Don Sachs makes amps how would I contact him