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Help me find a pre-amp
@rkfaberdds I also have a  PS Audio BHK preamp. I love what it does to my system.  I can immerse myself in the music and float away for hours.  It's like meditation and all is good.  No drugs needed.  
Upgraded my cables and they transformed my system!!!
@cundare2     +1 confirmation bias measurements matter most ears can be misled hearing can be fooled its just 1s and 0s The list goes on and on.  I fail to understand why or how so many strangers to the OP can reign down such negative comments w... 
Revisiting Chinese Knockoff Cables
  @tksteingraber  I like your translation.    
What say you?
Thank you for the video.   Some of my thoughts during my listening: The love of the equipment and what it brings to these men is highly evident. I am not on this plane. I am glad I got away from vinyl a long time ago.  Too expensive and demanding,... 
Has buying and/or selling audio gear changed?
I am one of those guys who hates to dicker over price.  If I want an item and I think the price is ok, I am interested.  If the price is high to cover lowballers, I am not interested.  So, I am a great buyer.  However, I will never, never purchase... 
Martin Logan vs. Everything
@ andrewkelley Martin Logan Expression ESL 13A Electrostatic Speakers Pass Labs 260.8 Mono Amplifiers PS Audio BHK Preamplifier Denefrips Terminator Dac I occasionally go to audio shows with a thumb drive of 10 critical listening songs that I kn... 
This is an alleged conversation overheard at an electronics store in the Mall. “Honey, look at what they want to charge for that stereo equipment.  Isn’t that just ridiculous?  They are just a bunch of thieves hoping to sell a few units and get r... 
Anyone else using slugs instead of fuses? Comments on metals used and sound please
I really like reading all of these comments. Not because any of the comments will get me to try the different replacement ideas but for human psychological reasons. I enjoy that there are individuals who have to see what will happen if they do x,... 
How easily can you distinguish between different DACs?
@ ghdprentice +1 That was some of the best advice I have seen to really get to know what you want and can hear.  
New Pass Labs Go To
I have handled many phone calls and 3 Pass Labs purchases with Mark.  This has culminated in owning my final Pass Labs mono amps.   Based on my personal experience, I know I will miss him and probably be dealing with a different audio seller in t... 
SPL Diamond - Review
@spenav    +1 People who use abbreviations, acronyms, or incomplete descriptions of what they are talking about eg. SPL Diamond (Spl Diamond what?), XTC 2.5 what?, are totally inconsiderate of the reader.  All it takes is having the initial refere... 
Cool feature on Pass X260.8 Mono Amps
I have these amps and I knew about this adjustment.  When I got my amp, everything was where it was supposed to be so I forgot about it.  Unfortunately, my amps are located over 15 feet from my listening chair and over 45 degrees from the center a... 
AI and the future of music
  @nevada_matt +1 Well said and it will happen.  
From whence does Sound Stage come?
@oldrooney OP "Edit: Given the circumstances which lead up to my post, I probably should have written: “Whither went my Sound Stage?” " I love it. Whence comes audible amusement. Thank you.    
Picking Speakers 20k-30k
@grislybutter  What a data list!!!  My anal-retentive personality side is highly stimulated right now. Do you also have a price list for $5,000 to $20,000?