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What's the longest you've done without listening?
Big shutterbug is hilariousi did laugh out loud 
What's the longest you've done without listening?
Just left home and my rig for twenty one days. It is going to be hell. Luckily the beachside lime tree bar in Belize is jammin to Bob Marley.  I hope I make it. 
How many of you had been to all 50 states of United States.
I f you enjoyed taking photographs of the aurora you must search the web for my friend the Aurora Hunter.  Todd was a petroleum geologist and we worked together in Anchorage in the  80s.  He quit the job to become  a photographer focusing on the l... 
Kaboom Audio???
I have six turntables currently up and running in three systems. Why? How could this be?  Answer: I have four children who all enjoy music.  They are just starting out, moving a lot, so putting an analogue system is difficult for them.  I get to p... 
Help! New mono cartridge for Dad's present-need the least amount of tweaking
Perhaps the box set can be returned for the stereo version.I own thousands of mono records and a dedicated mono table.  Mono definitely sounds better with a true mono cartridge.  Donvito and roberjerman are correct if you don’t want to go big into... 
I like my system flat, no tone controls, no eq..........what is your preference, and why.
I don’t think a system can be a 10 if it is flat.just sayin 
Your Favorite Female Vocal Track Please
Last Chance Texaco is wonderful.  Entire album is great. 
Your Favorite Female Vocal Track Please
I agree with Ricki Lee Jones.  Last Chance Texaco is a wonderful piece. Great voice and lyrics.  Kind of special to me after 35 years in oil industry. 
Sudden problem with turntable
If the problem was really a stylus booger you should hear immediate improvement after a soft brushing.  Let us know if it removed the muddy sound.  I also use the magic eraser and SpinClean. 
Stereophile Magazine question.
I subscribe to both Stereophile and TAS.  It is just about the least expensive thing you can do in the hobby.  
What is the first album you purchased, and do you still have it?
First concert....Stones.......1966First album.....High Tide and Green GrassShopliftedPlayed it on a used console with a penny taped to the tonearm.  Two or three copies since then that I actually paid for.  Love the RS.